Project Afterlife Season 2

Though it is high time to announce the launch date of the second chapter of the TV show under the title “Project Afterlife”, its developers are keeping silence so far regarding its future. We recommend you staying tuned in the case some inspiring data become known to public via official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the members of the developing team.

Brief review

As a new investigative documentary, which appears to unlock mysteries of gone people that it entitled “Project Afterlife”, the TV show is broadcasted on Destination America.
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The producing team of the project includes such ones as Bechara “Bicha” Gholam, Dave Severson, Mike Kelly, Fay Yu, and Christine Shuler from Screaming Flea Productions and the Destination America channel.
The first season was opened on its original home channel in the previous August. It includes six episodes. The first season is so far the latest one. Nevertheless, the loyal following of the show is hoping that the second season will take place in the near future.

Concept summary

In the given reality story, as the title implies, the group of investigators should embark on an unprecedented quest to unlock the mysteries of resurrection. This group includes such ones as Johnny Clark, Jesse Birkey, Rodger Frievalt, and Sam Wagner.
They use their own experiences with pulling victims back from the grave with each one being professionals in his or her own sphere. Johnny Clark is, for example, an investigative director while Jesse Birkey is a paramedic. Sam Wagner is a former state trooper and Rodger Frievalt is an ordained minister.

What is going on there specifically?

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The first and so far the latest season has shown to us as Jesse working in harness with Johnny explores the medical phenomena of two resurrection cases: a man who was declared as dead after a heart attack as well as a recovery of drowning victim.

Have they said something about the possibility of the second season?

The situation is such that we have nothing inspiring to offer to you at the current moment. The fate of the second season of this project remains yet on the bubble. Thus, cancellation is possible. Nevertheless, the exciting idea is whispering to us that the renewal is somewhere around the corner. We should only arm ourselves with patience and continue waiting when the announcement of the Project Afterlife season 2 release date will be made officially.
In any case, there is much essence in monitoring the present situation following the official Twitter and Facebook accounts of the developers in order to get to know all updates at first hand. We are proposing to escape such a tiring way of obtaining the so needed info and offer to keep abreast of the state of affairs concerning this project by means of only visiting our service on which you can find interesting data about you most favorite movies, serials, as well as TV shows and animated films.


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