Presents: The Characters Season 2

This year another sketch comedy has gladdened us with good humor. Presents: The Characters has bene launched on Netflix, an online channel where serials are accessible only to its subscribers.
With the freshman season release date serving as March 11, 2016, the series shows such cast of comedians:
Presents: The Characters Season 2 Cast

  • Lauren Lapkus,
  • Paul W. Downs,
  • Kate Berlant,
  • John Early,
  • Dr. Brown,
  • Natasha Rothwell,
  • Tim Robbins,
  • Henry Zebrowski.

The present number of episodes equals eight episodes while the duration of each one constitutes 30 minutes. Each new episode features one young stand-up comedian on the rise.

Plot Summary

The themes for stand-up scenes are so diverse that are not limited in anything, in fact. The wildest and unpredictable ideas sound in this series. Well, if you love this way, you should not even hesitate as for whether to follow this project or not.
Being free in the choice, comedians speak about various life situations in a sharp yet true way including such topics as dating competitions, variety shows, wedding rehearsal dinners, and much more.
Presents: The Characters Season 2 Spoiler

What is the Reception?

As the reviews say, the show is not perfect as it could have been yet it delivers a good portion of fun and feeling that television is not always a perfectly chiseled manicured work.
The series has been aiming at becoming one of the beloved ones on Netflix and here it is with decent rating figures and pretty favorable response from critics and ordinary watchers.

Strong Renewal Potential

The series should be developed further for a number of reasons. One we have already underlined – the high level of popularity. Another one is the very chances given to the rising stars in highlighting their talents for creating a funny atmosphere where the satire is flying.
The agenda is when the new season air date will be exposed. As for now, nothing has been said concerning the resumption and Presents: The Characters season 2 release date. These two things can much near in coming, for the schedule supposes that the second season premiere should be arranged in the first half of the next year. Stay tuned in order to catch everything that has some relation to this hilarious project.


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