Preachers’ Daughters Season 4 Premiere

Preachers’ Daughters is a documentary soap series produced by American TV channel Lifetime. The first episode of it was released on the 12th of March 2013. Season 2 started on the 5th of March 2014 – two more families joined the filming. Season 3 returned on the 23rd of January 2015. Now three families with nine girls are ready to stand the troubles and mutual family misunderstandings.


Preachers’ Daughters Season 4 Premiere
Preachers’ Daughters originally followed the lives of five young ladies. What makes things interesting is that they are five pastors’ daughters. Every day of their everyday life is a real challenge, cause they have to somehow balance their religious beliefs and personal lives. They have to obey their parents’ will trying to control their own behavior that sometimes seriously differs from their religious values.

Info on Former Participants

Let’s have a brief look at the former participants to have a general impression.
Preachers’ Daughters Season 4 Cast

  • The Perrys (Live in Oceano, California). The girl’s name is Olivia. She’s 18 and already has her own child. She led a terrible life full of destructive habits – she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. However, daughter’s birth made Olivia have a fresh look on her almost ruined life. Her family supported her and helped her restore her religious connection. Mark, Olivia’s dad, a pastor belonging to Everyday Church. Cheryl, Olivia’s mom also works in the church. Olivia spends her time at home doing her best to help her family. She’s not an only child in the family, she’s got two sisters – 20 year old Emily and 23 year old Audrey.
  • The Colemans (from Joliet, Illinois). The main heroine is Taylor. She’s 18. Marie, Taylor’s mom tries to take care of peace in the family and in the household. However, Taylor’s always willing to ignore the rules. Taylor’s dad is a pastor at Refuge Pentecostal Church. Taylor’s sister Kendra left the family when she was 20 because of unplanned pregnancy.
  • The Koloffs (a family from Kannapolis, North Carolina). The show concentrates on 16 year old Kolby. She has to live between two homes because her parents are divorced. Nikita, her dad is an evangelist (a successful wrestler in the past). Victoria, Kolby’s mom, is a preacher hosting a radio show. She is also the head of two centers for the pregnant. Kolby’s got elder sisters: Kendra, Tawni, and Teryn.
  • The Elliotts (a family from New Orleans, Louisiana). The center of attention here is Tori. She was a cop. Now she lives together with her parents.
  • The Cassidys (a family from Boiling Springs, South Carolina). It’s about Megan whose father, named Jeff, joins the ministry and realizes that what his daughter does and says is observed by all members of the church and he needs to do something about it.

Season 4 Release Date

Right now there’s no information about the renewal of the project. Season 4 release date of the Preacher’s Daughters is unknown yet. Stay tuned not to miss the updates and the premiere of season 4!


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