Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen Season 2

The efforts of a single person, as a rule, are not enough to create a serious show, which would be highly appreciated by the audience and get a high ranking. But when it comes to cooking, a large number of special effects and characters are not required; the most important thing is the chef’s skills. On the television channel SBS has recently been released a new Australian project called Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen, where the main character is the main cast, and the author of idea, and the producer. Six parts of the first season have already come to an end, but the skills of the cook had its influence: the public are increasingly interested in when Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen will be renewed for season 2. Release date of the next part hasn’t been officially announced yet, but its coming would by quite logical, so the return of the new episode and presenting of the second season air date should be awaited in the nearest future.

Production Info

Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen Season 2 Poster
The pilot season start took place on November 10, 2016. This season consisted of six episodes, which is not much for an ordinary series, but Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen is difficult to be called an ordinary one.
The production company responsible for the possible following season release date is The Precinct Studios; the channel presenting the show on TV is SBS, a well-known Australian network.

Brief Review

As the main star of the project is the world famous chef from Australia Peter Kuruvita, who is always concerned so that he may not just cook a tasty meal, but do it in a beautiful place such as Sofitel Noosa Resort. This professional travels across the continent, collecting interesting recipes, meeting new people and getting to know all the subtleties of cooking, starting from the process of delivery of products to their presentation on the table as ready meals. Peter has repeatedly said that he is particularly concerned about ecological purity of ingredients, so he feels particular responsibility to this issue.
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It’s expected that the next season premiere will be full of new unusual recipes able to surprise any viewer, and new Kuruvita’s adventures in searching of perfect products.

Number of Viewers and Prospects for Continuation

There is still no any exact information regarding when new season two is going to be released, but while looking at the viewers’ interest in this show it’s possible to say that it has all the chances for renewal. The average number of fans per episode is about 150.000, and this figure shows that this project on SBS is one of the most successful products of the channel. Stay tuned to get finale information concerning the schedule and plot changes of the program.


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