Oprah: Where Are They Now? Season 9

One of the highly popular reality TV series. The airing is provided by Oprah Winfrey Network and produced and presented by Oprah herself. She’s one of the American most respected and beloved philanthropists. She was the one who proved that a black person can become anything he or she wishes and to become one of the most influential women in the world. Oprah: Where Are They Now? is a projects that started airing on the 2nd of October 2012. For 8 seasons it has been gaining popularity due to the emotional issues – the show reveals the details of the present life of former participants.

Who is Oprah?

The presenter of Oprah: Where Are They Now? is a lot more than a typical TV star. When she was a little girl she used to deal with terrible life conditions. She lived in a financially troubled district of Kosciusko, Mississippi in the family of a coal miner and former maid. Oprah was an extremely imaginative girl. She could certainly be called a prodigy child. At the age of three, she could recite the lines from the Bible by heart. When she entered school, she had always been considered to be older than her real age because of her abilities to read and write.
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Her relationships with mom were quite strained because her mom didn’t pay much attention to her. One of the most tragic moments of Oprah’s life was when she was raped by one of her cousins at the age of nine (and he was 19). Moreover, it wasn’t for a single time. At 14, she gave birth to a sick child that didn’t survive. Then she finally started a new life with her strict father who cares a lot about her education. She was perfect as a school student and as one of the members of their school’s drama classes. At one of the public speaking contest she managed to get the scholarship and started studying at Tennessee State University. At that period of time she also got a job on CBS and from that point she started her career on TV. She’s a true inspiration for all those who still face hardships in life.

General Information and the Original Format

Oprah: Where Are They Now? centers its attention both on celebrities and usual people. All of them appeared on the show some time ago and some of them became well known all over the world (like Sinead O’Connor or Carmen Electra). They are musicians, actors, models, TV stars…
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Some of them are infamous, but their fate and what they managed to achieve in life made them unique and desirable for the viewers. The show pours some light on the fate of its famous and infamous participants to share their achievements, difficulties, life progress, and family, romantic and emotional issues.

Reception and Info on Possible Release Date

Oprah’s crowd of fans has never stopped supporting her ideas. This emotional reality series has received lots of nominations, awards and massive critical approval. This immensely popular project has been in top of the list of reality shows on American TV for many years. The viewership is more than steady and the show itself is broadcast on Oprah’s personal channel. All of these facts say that the renewal is more than just possible. We’re sure that the official release date will be revealed soon.


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