Newlyweds: The First Year Season 4

The low rating figures of Newlyweds: The First Year can lead to the uninspiring unfolding of events. Those who are in love with the project can be deprived of the opportunity to watch another season. Will the series be renewed? What are chances? How has the series been accepted throughout its course?

What Should We Know About the Show?

The series under discussion is a part of the slate on the Bravo channel. The series has been distributed on it since 2012. The latest season launch is dated back to January 2016 when the special episode lasting for 90 minutes is released. The usual duration of episodes constitutes one hour.
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As for creators, they are David Granger, Lauren Lazin, and Will Macdonald, the executives from the Monkey Kingdom company.

Following the Concept

The series is devoted to the life of just newly married couples from the day of the wedding and until the one-year marriage anniversary. There are four couples on the show presented each season.
The series enlarges upon the very difficulties that the pairs face during the process of building up their relationships. The diversity of couples cannot but amaze, the cast is composed of people of color, as well as same-sex couples
How many of them will save their families? Let’s get to know it following the series.

Audience Feedback is not Inspiring

The results from all releases are not so much inspiring being middling though sufficient to keep the series afloat. The freshman season garnered about 1 million people while the latest one – only 0.4 million viewers.
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The viewership is not much decent but how are the thing with scores on various aggregator websites? Well, the situation with them isn’t more optimistic, actually. With 5.2 IMDb scores, the series can be put at risk of cancellation.
As for the critical reception of the story, it is also average. Among various disadvantages, too melodramatic narration that leads to the breaking of pairs is underlined as the pivotal one. Another drawback lies in that the participants are already involved in show business, and are taking part in the program, supposedly, just to increase their popularity, nothing else.
Nevertheless, the series has its loyal audience, mainly women who are deeply involved in stories and expect the following seasons with much anticipation.

Series Future: What Can We Hope for?

As of today, nothing has been heard of the series fate. The release of the three installments has not been noted for high results yet there is always a hope for renewal in our hearts until the cancellation is not announced.
Stay tuned for changes in the situation with the project, for they can be near enough if to predict that the launch timeframe of the next installment is January 2017. The Newlyweds: The First Year season 4 release date can become exposed at any moment. Herewith, check back with us and you will be in the swim.


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