Nellyville Season 2

The situation is such that the project about the hip-hop icon and his life is on the bubble now as the fate of it is undefined so far. The second chapter is, thus, a questionable thing. However, let’s hope for the better news to come off as soon as possible.

Short sketch of the TV show

As a new project on the BET Network, Nellyville is considered to be the reality show that chronicles the everyday life of the hip-hop singer.
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The production of this series is lying on Entertainment One with the team of executives involving Nelly, Julius W. Erving III, Tara Long, David Shaye, Kim McKoy, Shanta Conic, Howie Miller, and John Morayniss.
The premiere of the first and so far the latest season was set in November 2014 with the second portion of episode premiering already in May 2015. Since then, unfortunately, nothing inspiring has been said by the developers concerning the series future. Is it a solid ground to predict that the story is next door to cancellation?

Defining the concept and the main hero for portrayal

The idea here is clear as day. The main hero for depiction comes to be a hip hop icon, businessman, and father named Nelly. The series focuses on his working as well as private life as he performs his role of a head of his family. He is a busy man but always manages to find time for his children.

What is here depicted?

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The second part of the first and so far the latest season is showing Nelly’s recent arrest as he discusses the situation with his children for the first time.
The preceding part gave an insightful look at Nelly’s very busy life as a successful entrepreneur, as well as of a hip-hop icon, and also a loving father to his biological children, as well as his deceased sister’s kids.

Are the series popular among Americans?

The ratings of this show turn to be unexpectedly high with the average number constituting 1 million people delivering after the release of each episode.
The stable and high viewership is proving the fact that the series resumption should be taken for granted. Nevertheless, the situation offers the controversial course. Let’s revise it in detail.
Nellyville Season 2 Cast

When can we expect the release of the second chapter?

The news we are going to deliver to you is not much inspiring as the fate of the project is undefined with the Nellyville season 2 release date being surely unknown much to the regret of the loyal following. This can be reckoned as a strange course of events as the series scoring as more than simply average with the positive reviews coming from the ordinary viewers.
To make a long story short, we should conclude that due to the positive reception of the series, its renewal should just a matter of time. Thus, let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for better news to come off as soon as it is ever possible. So the chances are good, do not hang down you head as the cancellation is not an officially confirmed issue.


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