NASA`s Unexplained Files Season 5

The Unexplained Files is a documentary television series created and released in the USA. It’s about investigations of Paranormal things that have no sensible and scientific explanation. Since the first season premiere in 2013 it has become one of the most watched and most popular series on Science channel. Season 2 was released on the 29th of July 2014 with 12 episodes scheduled.


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Every episode of the show starts with various stories about different phenomena suggesting that NASA has no keys or suppositions to them. Actually, most part of mysterious paranormal cases has no solid scientific background. These things are deliberately supported by comments from paranormal investigators and cranks with a few real scientists. This way the creators of the show try to make senseless things sound enigmatic and plausible. 5-10 minutes of each of the episodes are devoted to crankery, cause in the end of each new episode each of these phenomena is explained in a rational way. However, most of the time the show ends up suggesting that there’s a lot of other unexplainable staff that NASA can be hiding.

Truly Scientific?

Every new episode released provokes a number of mixed comments and reviews from both viewers, critics and scientists. Unfortunately, ton of TV viewers call the work of the cast and producing team a JAQing off due to the events and things presented as something crucial, but with no reliable evidence.  It became common among different TV channels in order to make the ratings grow. For instance, the Travel Channel promotes ghosts in their shows. The History Channel does the same with aliens. It’s not surprising that Science Channel is not afraid to release the project ignoring real science in order to promote UFO and mystery stuff.
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What do They Claim?

  • That a crashed UFO in Pennsylvania may be a Soviet satellite or something even more dangerous. The spaceship that crashed in Kecksburg was believed to belong to the aliens. Later NASA stated that it could be a Russian probe. Then one of the “scientists” stated that Russian probes were impossible in that time of the day (however, there’ no scientific explanation to prove this fact).
  • Surface of the moon is covered by mysterious footprints. The unexplainable footprints are giant. Finally, the scientists say that these markings could be left by lava tubes. However, in the end of the episode the narrator says that these places could be used as aliens’ or humans’ moon bases cause there’s no chance to prove everything with visual evidence and NASA may be simply lying.
  • Apollo 16 camera filmed a classic UFO image that nobody wants to explain for more than 30 years. That was an object in the shape of a saucer with a domed top. Later, NASA identifies it as a floodlight boom of lunar lander. But then the narrator of the show hints that this explanation is used to hide real truth about aliens.

5th Season Release Date

Unfortunately, we have no info about when the series will be renewed. Stay tuned not to miss the updates and latest info on possible 5th season air date.


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