Mountain Men Season 6

The fifth installment of the Mountain Men series has come to an end recently. The fate of the next chapter is to be determined by its creators yet we are almost sure that next year another debut will be arranged according to the growing popularity of the survival program.

Project Outline

It is a reality series on History Channel that teaches us how to survive in cold weather conditions if you are on a deserted land where there are no advances of the modern civilized world. Among the lands that several families inhabit, we should name Alaska, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Maine and North Carolina.
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The audience has five seasons at disposal now with the latest having premiered on May 11, 2016. All of us are expecting the official confirmation of the next cycle.

Following the Concept

The real-life story is focused on the lives of several families who inhabit the harsh cold lands of Alaska. The idea turns to be quite clear now – to remind people of the roots of the humanity. We are a part of the Mother Nature. In ancient times, when there were no civilized modern comforts in the world, only forests, and vast lands, the humans had to survive and struggle for life hunting for food, searching for a shelter or building it, gathering wood in order to set a fire and enjoy the warmth.
The modern world prepares all for us. We just need to earn money to use these comforts. Thus, values are different now. Yet there are people who prefer to keep a low profile and live off the land without all those technological advances.
The participants of this show are showing us their survival skills, as they stay alive and keep themselves and their families fed under harsh weather conditions that put their lives at risk during the long seven-month winters.
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Rating Figures and Chances of Future Broadcasts

The project is noted for a critical appraisal boasting rather high ratings. Exactly, the viewership constituted 2.1 million watchers per episode for the time of the release of the fourth chapter. This is reckoned to be superb for such kind of a show.
The latest fifth debut is peculiar for even higher ratings – 2.6 million people, watching episode after episode. The show should have its advantages that make it one of the flagships on the channel. The advantage lies in the idea, in fact, that turns to be conveyed in a proper dramatic way. It does not leave anyone untouched and this leads to a full success and high broadcast results.

A Bit Early for the Resumption

The fifth installment has just bowed out recently with the release of the final. Consequently, there is no waiting for the exposal of the Mountain Men season 6 release date. The renewal, however, can be announced earlier than next year. Thus, stay tuned with us for updates related to this project!
Let us notify about your impressions from the recently released season. Has it been exciting as the previous ones? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!


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