Meet the Smiths Season 2

As the American scripted reality show, Meet the Smiths is showing the inside life of the famous family of Smiths. The followers of NBA legend should follow this project in order to get to know him better. The series is new and is waiting for the resumption for the second chapter.

Brief review

As a new American show, Meet the Smiths is an integral line in the programming list of the TBS channel. Though it is a reality project, it is referred to the scripted ones coming to feature the lives on the famous family of Smiths.
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The shooting of the multipart show is held in Los Angeles and Atlanta. The production of the project is fully on Good Clean Fun.
The team of executives includes such names as Nick Lee (Tia and Tamera, The Bachelor), Jeff Altrock (The T.O. Show), Jason Carbone (Run’s House), and surely the main character of the show named Kenny Smith.
The sneak to the show appeared in February of the previous year while the final uploading to the website of the network as well to Facebook was performed later in March 2015.
The official release was held for the first time in April 2015. The first and so far the latest season includes six episodes with the duration comprising half an hour.

Script summary

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The story revolves around the NBA legend named Kenny Smith. He and his family members (Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith (The Price is Right), a talented actress-model-singer and their five children) are the heroes of the day there.
Each day they communicate with their friends, as well as colleagues, including Kenny’s Inside the NBA colleagues Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal and they turn to be also captured by cameras.
Each episode appearing every week turns to submerge us into the successful yet crazy attempts of Kenny and Gwen to manage their great household pursuing to make their large family happy and healthy.
With five kids, it is really hard to maintain peace and calmness but they are brave and punchy in order to deserve the title of the Coolest Dad and Mom on Earth.

When can we expect the renewal for another chapter?

Meet the Smiths Season 2 Cast
The ratings of this who are not so high yet average and can be reckoned as sufficient to keep producing the show if there are more ideas generated in the minds of the members of the creative team for bringing them into life in front of the loyal follower of the show.
The scoring on IMDb, for example, comprises 5.4 points out of 10. For such a show it is enough, as not many people can be interested in the life of the former yet a legendary NBA player.  Nevertheless, it is worth further production even for a small audience.
Nevertheless, the case is such that the series is not defined in terms of its future so far. There is nothing concrete to be said also about the Meet the Smiths season 2 release date. In any case, the situation is felt to be clarified sometime in the future. That’s why let’s stay tuned together with our service.


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