Married at First Sight Australia Season 3

The current situation is such that the project is revived for the fourth chapter though the third season is still running. The ratings and the project should be excellent, thus. Let’s get closer to defining main aspects related to the Australian reality series.

Making a Sketch

The basis of the given Australian project is a Danish project. The broadcast was held in 2015 for the first time. The third chapter has been launched recently. If to be more concrete, the Married at First Sight (AU) season 3 release date is reckoned to be August 29, 2016.
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Following the Concept

The characters are couples that have been matched by psychologists. They have agreed to get married without even seeing each other. Thus, they are supposed to meet each other face to face only at their wedding.
There is some difference between the Danish original project and its Australian variant. In the latter one, the wedding is a fake. There is only a commitment ceremony; these untrue marriage ties do not legally connect people to each other. This can be reckoned as a good decision, as couples are able to part right away in the case they do not want to stay together after the show.
The team of experts is composed of a psychologist, sexologist, sociologist, and a spiritualist.

Third Season Release

The latest summer debut has presented to us various new participants who are eager to find their second half and experts are again ready to assist them in achieving this goal.
The first two episodes of the third installment show the wedding of two couples. Then, in the following episodes, the participants of the program meet and discuss their experience of how it is to live with a person that someone else believes is the perfect match for you.
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They are given several weeks in order to get used to each other and decide whether their spouses are the real perfect matches. So, at the end of the season, they will decide the fate of the marriage. How will the result be this time? Let’s keep watching the third installment and we will get to know this very soon!

Rating of the TV Show

In 2015, series premiered with 1.2 million watchers. As for now, the number is a little bit lower with the original one – only 0.8 million watchers. The score on IMDb constitutes 5.7 points out of 10. This is average yet enough to create more buzz around it and more installments, as all couples that have got married on this project are still together. Apart from accomplishing a social task, the series is generally interesting to the audience blending a real-life comedy and drama in itself.
How have you personally received this project? Do you believe in love appearing between the participants? Share your thoughts with us commenting on below!

Positive News

The ratings are average yet sufficient for the further production. Herewith, the developers have decided to announce that the fourth installment will be launched already next February. Stay tuned with us for upcoming updates and you won’t miss a thing that is related to this project.


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