Love Island Season 3

The revived 2005 show under the title “Love Island” is to please us with new episodes wrapped up in the third chapter. The release will take place come rain or shine. Do not worry about that and keep waiting for the announcement of the launch date that is to appear getting closer to summer 2017.

Making a retrospective journey through the history of the series

This show had a sad experience of launching in 2005. The thing is that a decade ago the first season was launched but then was canceled the reviews were negative in addition to low rating numbers. Then, the series was broadcasted on ITV.
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Something ignited the producers’ attention in 2005, as they made up their minds to reincarnate the story and gave it another chance. So, the opportunity was delivered to it and on June 7, 2015, the first season appeared again on screens but that time on ITV2. Successful or not, the series then gets a chance in the form of the second season in this past May.
As for the series producers, the team is spearheaded by Richard Cowles. The production is behind ITV Studios.

Hosts and concepts

There is a villa on the so-called Love Island where 12 people are to find their second halves and build up relationships and then families if it turns so. It is not necessary that the pairs remain as the first choice is made. They swap and change amongst themselves, and many take advantage of this chance. So, why not.
It is curious that in the first season, ladies are choosing the boys while in the second one, the mission of the first choice is lying on boys.
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Surely, not all couples are to get to the end of the season. They leave the program according to the results of viewers voting.
There is also the prize for the last couple – 50 000 British pounds, a large sum that should be worth fighting for it in such an unusual way.
In the pioneer chapter, model Jessica Hayes and Max Morley became the winners specifically.

Ratings and reviews

Though some changes were made in the second season, the reviews remained unfavorable as well, much to our regret. According to the unanimous opinion of critics, as well as ordinary viewers, the series is deprived of originality and dynamics. Everything is so boring that we are put at risk fall asleep while watching it.
Nevertheless, there are some people who like this show, unexpectedly and much surprisingly. At least, we cannot explain the double increase in ratings in comparison with the first release. Now it constitutes about 1 million people.
Love Island Season 3 Cast

Following recent news

The issue with ratings is clear as day, as well as with the series fate. No matter whether it will shock you or not, but we should say it. The third season will take place come rain or shine. The developers seem to hold onto this project hoping that it will be appraised finally. So, make it happen.
We also hold out hope that the third chapter will differ from others. At least, the producers should apply as much effort as they can in order to make some changes in the show. Stay tuned in order to get to know the Love Island season 3 release date in the nick of time.


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