Life on Marbs Season 2

As for the current state of affairs, the new TV show “Life on Marbs” is still waiting for the resumption though the first premiere was held far back ago in the previous year. Let’s hope that the revival is nothing but a matter of time now. So stay positive and wait for the news to come off.

Project summary

Serving as a reality show, Life on Marbs is a project created by Lime Pictures. The premiere of the first season was held on the channel titled ITVBe in the previous year in particular in July. Amanda Stavri and Commissioner for Entertainment have also commissioned this show.
Life on Marbs Season 2 Poster
The series is thus by British production. The current situation offers only one cycle of episodes which the whole amount constitutes twelve. The duration of each part is one hour.

What is here depicted?

The reality project comes to depict the lives Marbs’ inhabitants. Some of them are living there on a permanent basis and others are hailing from all over the world to bathe in the hot rays of sun.
From the very start of the release, the followers of this project get acquainted with a considerable number of characters including Mark Forster, an entrepreneur who is now searching for love; Lina Hodgkins, an inhabitant of Puerto Banus; Natalie designer?clad housewife; Danni Levy, a glamorous fitness trainer from Essex; Jon Stretton Knowles, a single millionaire businessman; Bachelor Josh Ortega, a PR in nightclubs in Marbs; and single brothers named Jeff and Adam Graham.
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Audience response

The audience response leaves much to be desired as ratings are not going as well as it has been expected. The immediate proof to this statement is the scorings on various websites. On IMDb, for example, it is less than average hardly reaching the point of 5 out of the whole 10. The situation is not, thus, in favor of the project.
So the series is not much to watchers’ liking. The detention in the resumption confirms also the developers’ doubts regarding the worthiness of this project. But isn’t it better to give a second chance to the series despite just refusing from it? In any case, we think every project deserves another opportunity.

Can we hope for the positive news to come off?

Life on Marbs Season 2 Cast
The question is now lying in the very feasibility of the revival. Is it worth waiting for the second chapter or not? So far the creators are tight-lipped about everything that concerns this show. But in order to make a conclusion that the series is canceled, we should receive its official confirmation. The thing is that without it, we are just playing the guessing game. Therefore we recommend to come to a standstill and start waiting for the formal statements in the hope that the Life on Marbs season 2 release date will be clarified sometime in the future as well as the resumption will be announced.
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