L.A. Clippers Dance Squad Season 2

The new documentary show about dancers on the E! channel is experiencing trying times. The ratings are not good; nevertheless, the chance of the resumption for the second installment still exists. Thus, let’s keep waiting for the official press releases together with our service.

Some major aspects

Dealing with this project, you get the docu-series that turn to show the professional and personal sides of the lives of dancers. The program production is behind Mandalay Sports Media. The team of executives is composed of Mike Tollin, Leola Westbrook, and Jon Weinbach.
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The pioneer installment as given a spring start this year. The whole amount of episodes constitutes eight parts. The duration of each one is covering one hour.

For those who love dancing

It is clear now that the lives of dancers are the focus of the series. Therefore it is time to mention all of them. They are the elite NBA dancers named Candace Washington, Athena Pramble, Blair Kim, Savannah Read, Kellie Janeski, Hannah Cormier, and Nathalie Tenerelli. Their immediate mentor and trainer, as well as the generator of ideas, is Petra Pope.
The unfolding of events starts with auditions for a spot on the prestigious dance squad. There are only twenty spots available for hundreds of women competing with each other in order to show who is the best one and deserves becoming a member of the team.
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The series is thus a motivational sports competition that inspires those people who love dancing to move into this sphere in order to achieve success in life.
Surely, it is not without personal features here. Everyone has her own story behind that turns to be sad and sometimes much tragic that nevertheless have been moving them only forward. It is a drama, thus, and what else is needed for an exciting show? But is it so exciting and interesting? Let’s get closer to ratings to clarify this matter.

How has the story been received by viewers?

The feedback is not a blinding one as developers have supposedly expected it. The series debut was noted for about 300,000 watchers while the final episode garnered only 200,000 people. Grounding on these figures, the series fate turns to be questionable. Is the series worth its further creation? Does it deserve a second chance to improve the ratings and become a settler on the channel?

Is the future of the series clear?

We should acknowledge you that there is no data regarding the series fate yet. It is a sad thing to follow but here it is – the loyal followers of a newcomer are left in the cold having to wait for the announcement of the renewal, as well as of the L.A. Clippers Dance Squad season 2 release date.
We should keep our fingers on the pulse as the chance of the revival as still great if it is planned to launch the following installment in March 2017. Follow our service through subscribing and you will be informed of any kind of changes on the situation with this and other projects.


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