Killision Course Season 2

TV channel Oxygen is known to many viewers for its projects based on the showing criminal news and documentary detective series, revealing the details of the shocking murders and other dangerous cases. Similar show has debuted on this channel recently, and to date, the first season of the project has already completed. It is about Killision Course, the program about unusual criminal events that took place in real life. It’s still unknown exactly when Killision Course season will return with renewed episodes. Release date of the coming show will be announced when all the filmmakers have come to the same conclusion, and now the fans can do nothing but just wait for the next part and make predictions.

Creators Crew

The first season premiere after debuting was of great interest to the audience. It was launched on November 5, 2016 and consisted of 4 parts.
Killision Course Season 2 Promo
The main developers of the series are the following executive producers:

  • Rob Shaftel;
  • Seth Jarrett;
  • Julie Insogna Jarrett;
  • Kathi Watson.

The producing company responsible for all the possible air dates is Jarrett Creative; the network broadcasting Killision Course is Oxygen, the cannel which is going to release the next new episode.

Brief Review

Among the cast of this documentary show can be seen both experienced criminalists and newcomers, who, however, do an excellent job with their roles. The series describes the shocking cases of murders, where the plot of the tragedy usually revolves around familiar with each other people. This means that many of the victims were on friendly terms with their murderers, which is especially frightening.
The program reveals all communication between criminals and their deeds, it restores the chronology of events and tells the stories that are hard to imagine. Such a format is liked by the public, so the following season air date will not take long to be announced.

Viewers’ Interest and Possible Continuation

Despite a rather interesting plot twists, the series has not received serious recognition among a large number of viewers. Of course, the program has its fans, and the main evidence of this is 150 000 people, who were waiting for the first season release date. Of course, this figure is not the greatest, but when looking at the finale data, the next new season two will be met by a larger number of audiences. Stay tuned to be aware of the fact that the future part will not be the last one and not to miss the schedule of upcoming continuation.


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