Jump! Season 2

With this series, you will be fortunate to follow the exciting life of the American jump roping team called Floyd Little Double Dutch. The show is a newbie but now is on the hook, for there has been no hint at the possibility of the resumption since the first and the latest debut in the preceding spring.

Brief review

A new portion of shows in the collection of Thinkfactory Media includes a quite unusual documentary entitled “Jump!”. The audience of the Lifetime channel is specifically in the luck to watch it.
The crew of executives includes such ones as Leslie Greif (Strange Love), Adam Reed (Preachers’ Daughters, Queens of Drama), Kimberly Chessler (Dance Moms), Adam Freeman (Gene Simmons: Family Jewels), Eli Lehrer (The Millionaire Matchmaker), Aaron Fishman (Undercover Boss), and Mary Donahue (Pawn Stars).
Jump! Season 2 Poster
The release of the first season was held on the aforementioned channel in April 2015.

What are we here to follow?

FLDD is short for Floyd Little Double Dutch. Those who are fond of jump roping, are acquainted with these guys as they are the team that one of the most popular in the USA.
This very series focuses on depicting their exciting lives full of risk and adventures. Specifically, the attention is given them competing to defend their titles of champions.
The team has its leaders surely. And here they are Quani Floyd and Laila Little, two best friends.
Each part gives us a chance to penetrate into the international competitive Double Dutch event. What is this? It is a harsh struggle for the race cup overloaded with risks, falls, and downs, as well as with tricks and tears. So this fight is aiming to show who is the best one and how much experience and effort should be applied in order to become a winner. At least, Quani and Laila are going to make their best in order to inspire their students to action.
Are the members of this team are set to get the victory? Will they be able to obtain it in general? Let’s not expose these answers in order to make you more interested in watching this series packed with suspenseful atmosphere.
Jump! Season 2 Promo

Reactions of the Lifetime audience towards the new show

If to speak from the general point-of-view of ordinary viewers who have been posting their commentaries on various websites, the series is pretty exciting, as well as inspiring and motivational for those who are not sure in their powers.

When can we expect the appearance of the following chapter?

The case is such that the series is now on the hook as the latest premiere was held in the preceding spring and since that time nothing inspiring has been heard from the developers regarding even the feasibility of the resumption not speaking about the Jump! season 2 release date.
Nevertheless, as the ratings are high, it is much probable that the renewal will be announced sometime in the near future. Check back with our service in order to be notified about the appearance of any piece of news connected with this project.


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