Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3

Jay Leno’s Garage keeps getting traction, attracting more and more buzz around it with new guests from Hollywood invited and new topics coming for discussion and exploration. This year we have followed the second chapter release. The fate of the project is on the hook yet we feel sure in our hearts that the third season will be launched next summer.

Production Info and the Host

A new show about cars on CNBC, Jay Leno’s Garage has only two seasons under its belt, nevertheless, it is getting traction and we expecting the releases of the following seasons.
Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Poster
By the origin, it is a web series where the host narrates about interesting specifics of cars, as well as of motorbikes. The host here, as you have already guessed from the title, is Jay Leno, a legendary person whom we know from The Tonight Show.
At first, the show was a part of YouTube and only in 2014, it moves to the CNBC channel. The second season has been released in June 2016. It includes twelve episodes with the duration of each one equaling one hour. Thus, we see the increase in the amount of parts comparing to eight-part freshman installment.

Plot Summary

What is Jay Leno famous for? He is an automobile collector and this his interest is the background of the given documentary story. Each episode is devoted to explorations of certain themes that touch the world of cars, for instance, restoring vintage automobiles, collecting sports cars, automotive history. Car reviews are also an integral part of the narration. For example, in one episode, the supercar McLaren P1 was presented.
Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Promo
There are different celebrities coming to his show also which make the show stay apart from middling projects.

Ratings and Reviews

The show is not only staying afloat but is managing to deliver much profit to the producers of the channel, as it is quite popular among all car admirers in our globe. The buzz that surrounds the show is kept due to the members of the Hollywood royalty appearing on the show as star guests. Additionally, the narration is given a pretty charismatic way and there is no expecting other results, as Jay Leno is the frontman of the program.
The first season was announced as the top-rated CNBC original show. The second season, however, has experienced a little bit poorer ratings with the viewership constituting about 0.5 million watchers.
Jay Leno’s Garage Season 3 Cast
The reviews towards the show are great from ordinary viewers. On IMDb, we are dealing with 6.7/10 score.

Concerning the Series Future

Yet there appear no announcements regarding the series fate. Since the latest debut has been held this summer, there is no waiting for info. It can emerge only getting closer to next summer including the Jay Leno’s Garage season 3 release date. Surely, the early resumption is in the cards but we will notify you about this as soon as it is announced you if subscribe to our service. Follow us and you will not miss any important piece of data concerning this project.


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