Jagger Eaton`s Mega Life Season 2

The show under discussion serves as a new Nickelodeon’s project with the first season release date defined as September 9, 2016. Erin Ryder, Rob Dyrdek, and Shane Nicherson complete the trio that is responsible for the production of this new American reality series.
The Nickelodeon channel and Superjacket Productions are the immediate companies behind the show. As for now, we have twenty episodes included into one installment at our disposal, with the runtime equaling 30 minutes.
Jagger Eaton's Mega Life Season 2 Main Cast

Following the Concept

Serving as a host, Jagger Eaton is considered a teenage fresher in skateboarding. On X Games, he was the youngest participant. At that time, his age was 11 years. Together with his friends, Eaton takes a brilliant chance to penetrate into the lives of famous athletes while training with them. Among these sportsmen involved into the star-studded cast, we should mark out the names of the following ones:

  • Leticia Bufoni,
  • Larry Fitzgerald Erika Lang,
  • Bubba Wallace,
  • Chris Bosh and others.

The variety of extreme kinds of sports presented is impressive, including fat-tire biking, snowboarding, diving with sharks without cages, heliboarding, and some others.

High Ratings and a Good Renewal Chance

Jagger Eaton's Mega Life Season 2 Spoiler
Opening with a strong rating level on its home channel evaluated at almost 1 million watchers, the series has kept retaining it with each new episode release. The series has been acclaimed to be inspiring and capturing for teenagers.
To sum it up, the series has a strong potential which leads to nothing but the resumption that is yet to be announced, on a side note. Do you agree with this conclusion? What are renewal chances of the series, according to your opinion? Can you share it with us? Do not forget to leave comments below! We would be much pleased to hear from you!
When will a new season air date be revealed finally? Can we wait for its exposal ever? Unfortunately, due to the recent first season premiere, the Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life season 2 release date is far in coming. We should concentrate our monitoring on the news related to the revival. Stay tuned for any kind of updates that touch this project following our service if you are a loyal follower of the project and want to be informed in time!


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