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Movies and TV series about the wildlife have always been a guaranteed success with the audience, and this is known to many filmmakers. But today it’s quite difficult to surprise the public with ordinary programs, which simply describe certain animals and the conditions of their habitat. The creators of the British project Ingenious Animals on BBC One channel were able to make a show that managed to gain popularity for just one season. The main merit is good camera work and a quality story, worthy of the audience’s attention. Therefore, after the first season, the majority of the audience is baffled: when does Ingenious Animals Series 2 premiere? Release date of season two hasn’t been announced yet, but the public hopes for the new episode to be released as soon possible. When the authors come to a conclusion about the renewed season air date, it will be announced officially.

Cast and Creators Crew

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As it’s known, BBC One channel has always been connected with showing of wildlife documentaries. The series Ingenious Animals was aired on September 1, 2016 and included 4 episodes each lasting about one hour.
The main resources of the series producing are:

  • the British TV network Oxford Scientific Films;
  • Alice Keens-Soper, an executive producer of the show.

The cast of the project is not so large. Its host is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, an English showman, who with his crew is responsible for all the events taking place on the screen.

About the Series

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The main purpose of Hugh’s and his colleagues as professional experts for going around the globe is the study and research of completely new and previously unknown facts of the living conditions of certain animals. The peculiarity of the series is that each of its episodes is devoted to a particular aspect, for example, the level of intelligence of a certain animal, its relationship in a flock, the specifics of hunting, etc. The first season of the documentary program takes place in four different countries with their special climate and living conditions: Canada, the Bahamas, Kenya and Cambodia. Each of these parts of the world is characterized with its unique fauna. It is planned that next shooting will take place in new places. Producers have reported that the supposed places are:

  • one of the countries in South America;
  • Australia;
  • European Alps and many other parts of the world with its unique natural phenomena and animals.

Viewers’ Expectations

The coming of Ingenious Animals is being awaited with great interest. The next season premiere is sure to be presented quite soon as it would be unwise to stop broadcasting of so successful series. The new season release date is to be announced as soon as all the creators decide whether the show is worthy the money spent on it, but it goes without saying that the return of the program will be paid off very fast.


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