I Love You… But I Lied Season 4

The controversial situation with ratings from three releases of I Love You… But I Lied can be the reasons for starting worrying about the TV series future. The resumption has not been confirmed yet. We should monitor the situation for you, as news can come out at any moment now.

Brief Review

The Lifetime Movie Network presents a unique project by American production that serves to follow the skeletons in the wardrobes of various families.
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Three seasons have launched as for today. The first release is dated back to April 8, 2015. The second one appeared the same year in December. The latest debut has been arranged, starting from this June 2016. As you have noticed, the period between launches constitutes only half a year. What does it mean? The ratings should be rather impressive. Yet are they high? Let’s turn to this issue a bit later.
The documentary drama is grounded on the flagship Dutch series “Behind Closed Doors”. LMN Original Media is behind the production while Laura Fleury, Jennifer Wagman, Daniel Laikind, Patrick Moses, and Michael Selditch serve as executives.

Exposing Family Secrets

The show exposes the real-life stories of various families. The secrets revealed are always dramatic. There are a lot of scandals, pregnancies, confessions of double lives featured. The past lives of people are always influencing the present and future – there is no doubting in this fact. Hiding your secrets from your dear persons is not a good thing that can have tragic consequences. That is why we should be always honest to each other.
The true stories come to be shown by certain actors, as it is a kind of a documentary project.

Average Reception

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The story has been received not so favorably. And frankly speaking, we have no reasons to wonder why. Some people are truly captured by the shocking stories yet others consider that it is too much to be shown on television. The latter ones also suspect that the stories should be fakes due to the excessive dramatism while the reenactments.
As for the latest results from the broadcast of the third installment, we have the viewership constituting only 0.5 million watchers and a 0.2 demo rating.

As for the TV Series Future

This summer, the third debut has been held. Returning to the issue of the series future, we should acknowledge you at once that there has been no news regarding it.
Surely, it seems that the materials for the following chapters exist and this can make the developers keep producing the show though ratings are average. The I Love You… But I Lied season 4 release date can be clarified at any moment now. Thus, we should be ready to receive news in the near future. Stay tuned for updates following our project. Let us know also, what your impressions from the show are via commenting on below. Is the show worth its continuation or not? How do you personally feel?


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