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House renovations are the main theme for depiction in this competitive and exciting show for the whole family. Those who dream of their own house and a perfect design in it should follow this program surely. In order to supply you with a full picture about the show, we will try to dig beneath its surface.

General moments of the show

The matter of priority now is to determine the format of this reality show. Is it a documentary or game show? Or is it just a helpful project for those who are willing to change the interior of their houses? If we speak of Home Free, we mean the competitive project in fact. But let’s get back to the essence of this competition later, and now turn our look to the production issues.
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There is no scripts and other things that feature movie have. So, here we should name the executive producers who give birth to this reality story, at least making everything possible for it to happen to us. The team is led by Tom Forman (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) specifically.
We were lucky to enjoy the first episodes amidst summer 2016. The second chapter has appeared in this June.

Following ideas

As we have already discussed, the series is a TV show that is considered to be a competition. The question of the theme of that game appears now. So, according to the title it should be something that is connected to homes. Well, we think it is better we should not beat around the bush and clear everything up at once.
There nine couples, the participants of the show who are following their dream of a perfect home. In order to make it true, they are eager to do their best. They come to this show and find themselves involved in a competition. The essence of it lies in renovating run-down houses for others. The winner will get their dream come true. The game is harsh and nobody has promised comfortable conditions. Thus, the victory should be deserved.
The show is hosted by Mike Holmes (Holms on Homes), an experienced contractor. He is guiding the participants of the show on their path to the dream.
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Blinding ratings and reviews

How was the series perceived in the previous year? And how are things going on now with ratings?
We are to appease you, as the project is stable in terms of ratings maintaining its 2.5 million viewership on average during the course of two seasons.
Consequently, we should expect the statement about the third chapter. There should not be doubts in our minds concerning its future release, as the watchers seem to be hungry for it.

Left without announcements so far

The second release is considered to be the latest and a recent one. So, we cannot expect some news appearing about the fate of the project in the near future.
At least you should not be under the illusion that the Home Free season 3 release date will appear this fall, though the early resumption is a possible event for this year. Follow us if you are willing to catch the news about this show in the nick of time.



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