Hollywood Cycle Season 2

A new project on the E! channel is set to raise awareness among people that your appearance is the immediate reflection of the inner side of your personality. Being in a good shape is the task number for the residents of Los Angeles. And this very story is to tell about the famous fitness clubs there.

General info about the project

The series under the title “Hollywood Cycle” is the product of Tricon Films & Television, the reality show that is broadcasted on the E! channel.
Hollywood Cycle Season 2 Poster
The unprecedented look at fitness clubs in Los Angeles is given thanks to the scrupulous work of the executives named Andrea Gorfolova, Andrew Perry, and Nick Kriess.
The first and so far the latest debut was held in the previous year, particularly in July. The debut was held right after the release of the hit show entitled “Total Divas”. The amount of episodes equals six with the duration of each one comprising one hour.

What is the concept?

The residents of Los Angeles are reckoned to be the slimmest Americans, What is the reason for such a result in statistics? The ground lies in the cult of a healthy lifestyle and sports to which people adhere. Thus, they are fully motivated to keep their bodies in shape.
As an obvious result, we are dealing with an abundance of sports clubs for workouts and fitness. This is reckoned to be the main idea of this show – to present to us the most famous among them called Cycle House. It is noted for the programs that involve intense cardio.
Hollywood Cycle Season 2 Promo
The instructors working there motivate people to change their lifestyle towards the healthy one.
The hall of this club is always dark. The only one green logo is pleasing us with its source of light.
About sixty bikes there are always busy. So, it is hard to find the vacant one. Instructors give the commands while bikers are getting wet with sweat and tears.

Ratings and reviews

The situation with the response from the audience towards this show is much positive. This proves the fact that people are anxious about making their figures slimier. The viewers are also interested in making a journey around Los Angeles by means of following this insightful TV show. Thus, the predictions are rather good with chances of the renewal being high enough. It is a motivational one and should be developed further.
Hollywood Cycle Season 2 Cast

When can we expect the confirmation of the next cycle?

According to the current situation, the future of the project is unknown though everything must have been determined far long ago. We expected the appearance of new episodes in this past July but it has already passed by us leaving us in the cold. What are predictions now? Can we ever experience the new cycle? Is the unexpected cancellation possible?
In any case, there is the essence in waiting for the renewal, as well as for the Hollywood Cycle season 2 release date. Keep your eyes open together with our service and you will be notified in the nick of time.


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