Holiday Baking Championship Season 4

From the number of culinary projects, which today are on television, it is not easy to find the one that will be liked from the first new episode and will be able to draw attention to the very end of the season. But when it comes to baking, there is a TV series, which has already managed to acquire a permanent audience. This is about Holiday Baking Championship, a show on TV channel Food Network, which has been broadcasted since 2014. This program has become one of the few that has successfully been held for over three seasons. So today the main issue of its fans is as follows: when will Holiday Baking Championship be renewed for season 4? Release date of another part of the project hasn’t been mentioned yet, but according to the number of viewers waiting for its return the series will debut with its new episode in the nearest future.

Authors and Producers

Holiday Baking Championship Season 4 Cast
The pilot season air date was set for November 9, 2014. The latest season start began on November 6, 2016, and the audience is waiting for the coming of the next season four.
The crew of executive producers developing the show and selecting the cast consists of such professionals as:

  • Steve Kroopnick;
  • Leslie Anne Thomas;
  • Saul Friedman;
  • Stu Schreiberg.

The host of the program is Bobby Deen, an American chef and TV presenter. The judges evaluating the participants’ desserts are:

  • Duff Goldman;
  • Nancy Fuller;
  • Lorraine

The company responsible for the announcing of the following season release date and producing the series is Triangle Entertainment; the channel broadcasting Holiday Baking Championship and presenting all its air dates is Food Network, a well-known American TV organization.
Holiday Baking Championship Season 4 Spoiler

About the Show

Certainly, the format of the project is not different with anything special and is a pretty standard one. Nine experienced bakers prepare great culinary masterpieces, focusing on pastries and desserts. Many of the ideas first seen in this series are widely used by many housewives, because in the process of preparing the participants usually share their own secrets and talk about the detailed order of adding special ingredients.
The new season premiere is sure to gain popularity among the public, as there are a lot of lovers of tasty and delicious desserts, so the show must definitely go on.

Number of Audience and Renewal Prospects

The finale rating of Holiday Baking Championship (7/10 on IMDB) proves that the show is popular among the public and is highly appreciated. When new season 3 was launched, its premiere was watched by about 1.43 million viewers; the demo-rating was of 0.38 score. There are no any reasons for stopping the program. Stay tuned and follow the schedule to make sure that the third season of this prominent project on Food Network wasn’t the last one.


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