Highway Thru Hell Season 6

Highway Thru Hell is a reality TV series created in Canada. Every new episode of it depicts everyday routine of Jamie Davis, his Motor Trucking team and operations they have to carry out from time to time. It’s usually a rescue of massive, heavy means of transport and other vehicles. That’s a real recovery and rescue team basing in Hope – a Canadian city situated in British Columbia. Highway Thru Hell demonstrates how hard it can be to move through the highways of the British Columbia in terrible weather conditions. Pass on to the bottom of the post for info on the 6th season air date.

History & Cast

Highway Thru Hell Season 6 Spoiler
The authors of the original show are Mark A. Miller, Kevin Mills and Neil Thomas. The last one met Jamie Davis personally. He followed their everyday activity and the attempts of his heavy rescue operators to help those stuck in serious trouble with their vehicles. The reason that initiated this meeting was that Neil Thomas’ truck crashed on Highway 5 in 2010. A year later, Mark A. Miller and Kevin Mills also got acquainted to Jamie Davis and his team. They were moving through Hope and accidentally met Jamie Davis and his Motor Truck. These first acquaintances became an inspiration for one of the coolest reality shows about brave and stubborn people always ready to come for help in hardest of situations.
When the concept of the show was discussed, Davis desired to alter people’s views on his industry. 2010-2011 were fully devoted to the filming. The first season premiere episode was released on the 4th of September 2012 by Discovery Channel.
Highway Thru Hell Season 6 Cast
The show features hills, drop-offs, rockslides combined with worst weather possible – yep, this show will definitely get you captivated. Highway Thru Hell was ranked #1 reality series since its first premiere on TV screens. Season 2 was release on the 3rd of September 2013 with 13 episodes in total. Four extra episodes were added. In the end of season 2 the filming territory was expanded, which made the show even more intense. In Season 3 Davis’ team faces troubles of business expansion. In Season 4, Jamie’s team was split in two.
The fifth season of Highway Thru Hell was released by Discovery Canada on the 13th of September 2016.

6th Season Release Date

Discovery Canada Channel has no official news about the renewal of the project. Highway Thru Hell is practically non-scripted and the participants of the show have to pass through a number of difficulties before they’re able to release a new episode of the show. Don’t forget to check for the latest updates to find out when season 6 will be released.


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