Haunting: Australia Season 2

The ghosts’ hunters of this show are aiming to help you if you face supernatural creatures that prevent you from sleeping well. The series is new broadcasted on the Syfy channel. The renewal has not been announced though the ratings are pretty good.

Brief review

The license to provide it viewers with another show about supernatural creatures, specifically ghosts, is received by the Syfy channel and now we are in possession of eight episodes overloaded with terrifying yet exciting moments. For those who loves such shows, this one is binding for watching.
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The series premiered for the first time in 2014. The debuts were held in various countries. This proves that the series is worth watching it indeed.
The Syfy channel is packed with various shows about international and domestic acquisitions including Lost Girl, Bitten, Continuum, and the upcoming scripted series Olympus and Dark Matter. So this project is not an unexpected part of the programming list.
As for the series developers, here we cannot but name Flame Media as the production studio, as well as Robb Demarest (Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies), Tom Law and Alenka Henry (The Amazing Race Australia) serving as executives.
This studio is famous for an abundance of programs of such a type. Thus, here we are dealing with the well-developed project.

What comes here for featuring?

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The series revolves around six the most outstanding and experienced ghosts hunters throughout the globe. They are named Robb Demarest, Ian Lawman, Allen Tiller, Ray Jorden, Gaurav Tiwari, and Rayleen Kable.
Each one possesses a certain talent in exploring the places where ghosts have left their trails. Together they apply different methods that contribute to the achievement of their goal that lies in finding those terrifying ghosts.

Positive acceptance and healthy rating numbers

The series has been accepted with flying flowers. Such turn of events made it possible to distribute this new entertainment show throughout the world including such countries as UK, Asia, Canada, Sweden, and the USA. In the latter one, the premiere was held in March 2015 on the Syfy channel. In all these corners of our planet, the success has been guaranteed.
Haunting: Australia Season 2 Cast

When can we expect the release of the sophomore chapter?

The state of affairs is such that the series is on the bubble since its first premiere in 2014. The developers have been keeping mum much to the regret of the audience which interest has been considerably tackled by the audience.
Surely, nothing can be said now about the Haunting: Australia season 2 release date. But let’s not hang down our heads as the cancellation of the show has not been confirmed officially by the creative team yet. Stay tuned in the case some inspiring info appears as we are lucky enough to be pleased with the news about the renewal taking the high rating level into consideration.



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