Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia Season 2

That program format, which can be seen on TV channel Viceland, as far as it is known, is different from most. Series here have an unusual focus and often are not designed for a wide range of viewers, but for a specific target audience. While talking about one of the latest shows on this channel, special attention should paid to the show Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, which was launched not long ago. That audience, which likes this program, is puzzled with the question of when the next Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia season 2 will start. Release date of the renewed series is still unknown, so the viewers have to just wait for the coming of a new episode and hope that the project will return on Viceland soon and the following second season air date will be set for the nearest future.

Show Creator

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia Season 2 Cast
The latest season start was scheduled for October 26, 2016. The idea of the project belongs to Hamilton Morris, who also is the main cast of the show. This young man who used to study chemistry in colleges is good at exploring various psychoactive medicines that may positively influence the human’s health.
The channel broadcasting Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia and responsible for the next season release date is Viceland, an original and sometimes provocative TV network. If a new season premiere is presented, it will be launched on this very channel.

About the Series

Morris’ main activity is the study of certain substances that can have a psychotropic effect on the body and at the same time to provide a therapeutic effect. According to its format the program is reminiscent of another project on the channel Viceland – Weediquette, the main essence of which also consisted in the study of psychotropic, but the main component of all episodes was marijuana.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia Season 2 Promo
Morris travels around the world, tells the audience about the practices of different people and learns, adding his own knowledge in such an unusual pharmacology. Despite the fact that the host’s point of view is difficult to be called an objective one, the project has gained a pretty good popularity among a wide range of viewers who are already waiting when new season two will be launched.

Chances for Renewal

There still hasn’t been any information regarding when season 2 is going to be launched. The authors haven’t given an exact data about possible renewal, and their finale decision is likely to be announced after studying the series rating and viewers’ expectations. The audience, however, believes that the first season is not the last one. Stay tuned to find out the schedule of future show and be aware of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia soon continuation.


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