Ghost Asylum Season 5

This reality project was created by Discovery Communication and Tremendous! Entertainment all along with a group of talented and experienced ghost hunters. It’s about paranormal activity investigations in most mysterious place of the USA. The filming is mostly done in Gallatin, Tennessee. The show is about the paranormal team called Tennessee Wraith Chasers. In the pilot episode, the series was named Ghostland Tennessee. Later it changed for Ghost Asylum. There were 3 seasons with 10 episodes in total. Shall we wait for more?

The Format

Ghost Asylum follows the activity of a group of brave ghost hunters. All those who experienced direct or indirect contact with mysterious forces and bodiless creatures and spirits decided to cooperate and call themselves Tennessee Wraith Chasers. These people are not only professionals, but extremely charming. Their southern character, unbelievable ingenuity, and intelligence help to create unpredictable, but sensible equipment for the investigations. The investigations are held in abandoned houses, hospitals, asylums and orphanages. The places are decaying but still demonstrate paranormal activity giving the hunters a chance to use their skills and knowledge on practice.
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Tennessee Wraith Chasers

The team kicks down the doors of haunted spots in the USA. They manage to trap ghosts and spiritual creatures hiding in the darkest corners of the darkest places. The most important thing about catching a ghost is a combination of modern science and personal experience. These people are calm, cause they know that being scared of ghosts can bring you real trouble. They feel people’s fear and trapping them is a serious strategic teamwork.
Tennessee Wraith Chasers warn that you must be a professional ghost hunter with an official permission to visit abandoned haunted houses. Haunting ghosts in unknown places is not only dangerous, but also illegal – you may be trespassing someone’s property. And yep, if you chase ghosts without preliminary precautions you can get killed. Stay aware.
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Release Date Info

The fourth season started on the 5th of May 2016 and finished this summer. The show is enjoying stable ratings and positive feedback. We don’t know anything about the official release date of the next season, but the show is truly addictive not only for the lovers of paranormal things, but for sci-fi admirers. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned not to miss the continuation!


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