Geordie Shore Season 14

General Moments

On MTV UK, this series has aired since 2011. Thirteen installments that have appeared on the British channel are in our possession now. Developed by Lime Pictures, Geordie Shore serves as a reality show hailing from the original series by American production entitled as Jersey Shore. The latest season premiere is dated back to October 2016. Summing up from this, the future of the next installment as well as  Geordie Shore season 14 release date are things for which time has not come yet.

Geordie Shore Season 14 date release

Concept and Cast Members

As an American version, this TV series centers on showing a crew of young men and women hailing from Newcastle, England. There are eight of them in each new episode experiencing all highs and lows of the party scene.

Among the cast members, there are those whom we can know from other TV shows, as for instance, from Big Brother. Let’s name some of them:

  • Holly Hagan,
  • Anna Parkin,
  • James Tindale,
  • Greg Lake,
  • Rebecca Walker,
  • Vicky Pattison and many others.

Geordie Shore Season 14

Ratings and Reviews

According to reviews left by people, the TV show is either a charming and entertaining one or a waste of digital tape. The controversy may be explained in a way that it is referred to programs not dear to the taste of just everyone. The score on IMDb is average proving this – only 5.3 points out of 10, as for now. The viewership is inspiring, nevertheless, constituting 1 million watchers per each new episode during the broadcast of the thirteenth chapter.

Geordie Shore Season 14

When Will It be Renewed?

The latest season was the final one in the trio commissioned yet in 2013. The series is now hanging in the air and this means that cancellation may take place. Yet we should not jump to conclusions, as there is still time before the next autumn, the supposed launch timeframe of the following chapter.

The next season release date may become exposed only next year, not earlier, but the resumption can be near in coming. Chances of the renewal still exist. So do not hang down your head! Are you waiting for the next season air date coming? What are your expectations towards the new chapter? Share your thoughts with us and stay tuned for the announcement of the revival if you follow this project and want more from this reality drama!

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