Fuck, That`s Delicious Season 3

Among the variety of culinary programs on modern television it is quite difficult to find the one that can really attract the audience with its unusual genre and nonstandard storyline. Most of these projects are fairly of an ordinary format and just tell about the features of making various dishes. But the authors of the show on Viceland channel decided to fix it and for the past two seasons have been presenting a completely new approach to such a standard procedure as cooking. This is about Fuck, That’s Delicious, the series, which has been successfully broadcast since 2016. Most of the fans’ main question is as follows: when will Fuck, That’s Delicious return for season 3? Release Date of the renewed show is still unknown, but the return of the series is likely to happen quite soon.

Series Creators and Cast

The second season premiere debuted on September 1, 2016. Both the seasons included 7 episodes.
Fuck, That's Delicious Season 3 Poster
The main personalities making the program are:

  • Action Bronson, an American rapper and chef. He is the main host of Fuck, That’s Delicious;
  • The Alchemist, a well-known hip-hop producer;
  • Meyhem Lauren, an American comedian;
  • Big Body Bes, a showman famous for his rap.

The crew of executive producers includes the next people:

  • Chris Grosso;
  • Suroosh Avi;
  • Lauren Cynamon;
  • Paul Rosenberg and others.

The channel broadcasting the program is Viceland, world famous TV network.
Fuck, That's Delicious Season 3 Cast

About the Show

The latest season two of Fuck, That’s Delicious was connected with travelling around the world and studying the cuisines of different countries. Among the stopovers of the cast are such countries as Italy, New Zealand, Denmark, the USA, Spain and Australia. Moreover, Action Bronson not only presents the peculiarities of manner of cooking but also gives concerts without any breaks from his main activity. Each new episode of season 1 also reflected travelling to different parts of the world like France, the Netherlands, Jamaica and others.

Ratings and Prospects for Continuation

The coming season release date is sure to be awaited with great interest. The proof of this is series rating on a world known website IMDB where Fuck, That’s Delicious has an 8.5/10 score. This figure can be called rather high especially for such an extraordinary project that may be called even a provocative one.
The second season air date was watched by 0.165 million viewers, and the demo-rating of the program was 0.09. The chances for the renewal of the show are high, so the fans are waiting for the continuation and hope for soon release.


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