Flipping Out Season 10

General Info

The renovation show in the core, Flipping Out premiered in summer 2007 for the first time. Nine seasons complete the current volume of the project with the latest season premiere dated back to July 2016 on the Bravo channel. Is there essence in waiting for the new tenth installment? How do you think? The new chapter has not been confirmed yet and Flipping Out season 10 release date is a long shot, consequently.

Authentic Entertainment is the company charged with the production. Meanwhile, Jeff Lewis is the host of the show serving as a popular designer and realtor in Los Angeles.

Flipping Out Season 10 date release

Renovation Concept

Once Jeff Lewis made a fresh start in his life starting his own undertaking which essence lies in getting profit from renovated houses, which he buys at low prices, but in pretty bad conditions.

Among the central cast members, we are compelled to name such ones as Jeff’s partner Gage, Jenni Pulos, housekeeper Zoila, 3 dogs, and a cat.

Flipping Out Season 10

Feedback and Chances of Renewal

The series is quite popular. Even the current nine-season volume is indicative of this. The viewership is average constituting 1million people per each new episode but this has not influenced the general popularity of the project and has not prevented it from winning some prestigious awards. Shows can boast the critical acclaim much rarely but that is the case. The score on IMDb is also decent with 6.8 points. As for the reviews, they are contradictory with some people thinking that the character of Jeff is a compulsive and unique and others believing in the complete unworthiness of the reality series.

How have you accepted the show? Do you feel enthusiasm about next installments? Are you waiting for the new season release date? Share your expectations with us!

3Flipping Out Season 10

Still to be Renewed for Season 10

Above-mentioned facts can be summed up into one thing – the renewal. When can it be announced? So far, we should not fret about the absence of info regarding the future of the project, as there is still time in store before summer 2017. The new season air date may become clear only next year but the resumption can be much closer. Stay tuned for news, as changes are about to come!

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