Finding Bigfoot Season 10

Central Moments

Finding Bigfoot is a docuseries from Ping Pong Productions noted for the long running since 2011 on the Animal Planet channel. It is of investigative type and what field is explored is clear from the title. Nine seasons have been launched as for now with the last season premiere dated back to March 2016. Thus, it is time to reveal info regarding the resumption and Finding Bigfoot season 10 release date.

Casey Brumels, Keith Hoffman, Brad Kuhlman, and Chad Hammel complete the team of executives. The volume of the whole project is great including those nine seasons with the runtime of each part in it constituting one hour and 120 special episodes.

Finding Bigfoot Season 10 date release

Following the Concept

You can guess that the immediate focus of the docuseries is Bigfoot. Researchers in this show do not even doubt that this creature exists truly in the wild cold forests. They are just looking for the proof of its life. The project, however, cannot be referred to scientific ones, as the members of the cast are ready to see this mysterious creature everywhere though it can be just traces left by some animals. So you are quite skeptical about this matter, this will surely start irritating you.

Finding Bigfoot Season 10

In the ninth installment, the expedition was arranged in North California while in the previous episodes, researchers had been working in Mississippi, Southern Oregon, and some other territories.


The situation with ratings is actually pretty bad, with the audience writing that it is terrible and does not deserve its digital tape spent for shooting it. The score on IMDb equals 4.2 out of 10. Nevertheless, the viewership is still on a decent level – 1.5 million watchers per each new episode. How could this happen, when reviews are so unfavorable? No one could answer this question. Until it garners its audience in front of screens, the series will be produced further.

Finding Bigfoot Season 10

As for now, nothing has been said concerning the future of the tenth chapter. The new season release date is unknown as well also. In any case, nothing is left but to keep monitoring the situation. As soon as something is announced, we will notify you about this immediately. Stay tuned for either the renewal or cancellation, as well as for the next season air date!

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