Family Therapy with Dr Jenn Season 2

The inspiring show about the recreational course that families undergo when their members are about to leave each other. The reality show is worth its continuation and thus, should be renewed, hopefully, in the future. Follow us and we will get you informed of the updates.

Production Info

Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn is a new addition to the VH1 programming slate. The series comes to be produced by Irwin Entertainment. The team of executives contains the names of John Irwin, Damian Sullivan, Tim Eagan, Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Fernando Mills, Paula Aranda and Dr. Jenn Mann. The first and so far the latest premiere has been held in March 2016.
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What is the Concept?

Giving a summary of the reality story, we should mention that the five families are at the core of the narration. They are in urgent need of consultations of the family relationships expert.
The series features five celebrity families in need of intensive counseling for their deep-rooted relationship problems. Dr. Jenn Mann, as well as assistance from Dr. Christian Conte, are coming for help to these families in order to provide them with as much advice that can assist in improving relations as possible.
These specialists know their onions working at the retreat center. Each family is going through a three-week intensive family therapy course.
The freshman installment has shown such participants as Dina and Michael Lohan, Tiffany Pollard, Bam Margera, Briana and Brittany Dejesus, along with Dash brothers – Damon, Jeremy, Dash, and Bobby.
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The desires of all of them coincide – they are eager to get rid of those toxic feelings that they obtain from living with each other. All of them are striving to find that certain harmony in their souls.

Audience Response

The ratings of the show are much inspiring and impressive taking into account the score on IMDb, for instance. It offers 7.3 points out of 10 basing only on 15 votes, yet it seems to be decently sufficient, does not it?
The series comes to be popular due the ideas conveyed. The family issues are resolved on the show and thus, it is of much social use, for it helps to save social units.

Making Predictions

Family Therapy with Dr Jenn Season 2 Cast
So far, no announcements have not been made for us. We are left in the cold having to make suppositions about the future of the project.
Well, we may predict that it is too early for such things as renewals and the Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn season 2 release date though the resumption could have been stated. Following this direction, the premiere of the next installment can be scheduled for spring 2017 if everything is all right with the verdict.
What do you personally think about the series future? Will it be revived or not? What is your attitude to the show? Do you consider it useful for families that on the edge of separation? Leave comments below in order to inform us about your opinions, as they are important for us.


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