Explorer Season 10

A documentary scientific and informative show Explorer, which can justtly be called a long-liver of modern television is a project of the channel National Geographic. The first season of the program started on April 7, 1985, but on the current channel it debuted in 2004. There was a break in the process of broadcasting, and by today 9 seasons of the series have been released. Now many fans are puzzled with a logical issue: when will Explorer season 2 release date be aired? The return is being awaited in the nearest future, and the audience will certainly watch renewed stories coming in each new episode of the next season ten.

Series Founders

Explorer Season 10 Poster
During the whole period of the existence of the program 233 episodes have been presented. The creator and developer Joe Seamans managed to turn the show into one of the most popular informative projects known by a great number of viewers. The main executive producer of Explorer is Robert Zakin.
There were many narrators, and the most memorable of them are the following ones:

  • Peter Coyote;
  • Martin Sheen;
  • Salvatore Vecchio;
  • Phil Crowley;
  • Stacy Keach and others.

The company producing the program and responsible for the following season premiere is National Geographic Society.
The latest season air date was presented on November 14, 2016; the public hopes that this part won’t be the last one.

About the Series

Explorer Season 10 Cast
The show is a so-called journal, which deals with an overview of the most interesting events taking place in different and distant parts of the world. Among the cast of the current season who has already been watched was presented Richard Bacon, a host, and a few other participants talking about nowadays problems and issues.
The format of Explorer is unique and original; there are a lot of similar shows of a similar genre, but this project is really a founder and background of all of them.

Renewal Potential

When new season release date is announced, the public is sure to be pleasured. The popularity of the series is proved by its rating: on a famous and widely known website IMDB it has a figure of 8.2/10. Moreover, during the whole period of existence Explorer has gained more than 400 honorable rewards. Stay tuned not to miss the schedule of future episodes and get all the news and data regarding possible changes and updates of the series.



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