Ex Isle Season 2

It is a new American project airing on the We tv channel. The pioneer season release date is January 8, 2016, now. The dating show is a venture of 495 Productions. The cast of executives includes:

  • Pamela LaLima,
  • Sally Ann Salsano,
  • Lauren Gellert,
  • Joel Zimmer,
  • David Stefanou,
  • Angela Molloy.

The show host is Carmen Electra. The series includes 10 episode and we hope for the exposal of the second season air date.
Ex Isle Season 2 Poster

What is the Purpose of the Dating Program?

The show is related immediately to the dating programs. However, a certain twist makes the series different from others of the same type. There are five couples on the show who are next door to breaking up now. They cannot leave each, however, feeling the absence of closure that they are not even able to find. How can people let the past go and move forward with a certain luggage of obtained experience and without any regrets?
The characters are set to go through counseling with specialists including Carmen, the host of the show, and a psychologist. What will this healing process lead to? Are the couples destined to break up or not? In order to find it out, let’s follow this new project.

Ratings and Reviews

The series is not a hit, surely. Average ratings and unfavorable reviews are the ways in which we can describe the situation with the show popularity. Meanwhile, the show can be referred to those fresh mixtures that can attract the audience, nevertheless, providing it with much advice so needed by some pairs who do not know what to do next. The viewership is average with 0.4 million watchers.
Ex Isle Season 2 Spoiler
What is your personal attitude to the project? Have you faced the same situations in your life as these couples did? Would you define what the series future is? What are chances? When can the first new episode appear if the renewal is confirmed? Share your thoughts and impressions from the show in the comments below!

No Second Season Premiere Announced

On following the all above-said, the series has equal chances of either renewal or cancellation. Surely, it is possible that a second opportunity will be given to the show.
We should just wait together for the official news to come off in the near future. The Ex Isle season 2 release date is the thing that can become known only next year if the resumption is confirmed.


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