Deadly Possessions Season 2

As a spinoff of the Ghost Adventures series, Deadly Possessions turn to narrate about the work of the unusual museum where there is a collection of objects, cursed and haunted. The show is a newcomer on Travel Channel and waits for the announcement of the verdict regarding its future.

General Review

At first blush, the series can be referred to supernatural dramas, as the title implies. Well, it is a part of the truth. Yes, the thing is that we are dealing with a project where the supernatural things are depicted. Nevertheless, the series is related to reality programs. And truly, the broadcast of it is held on Travel Channel where the list is composed of TV shows.
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The premiere of the first and so far the latest season has been set in April this year. The production of the project is on My Entertainment. This show is considered to be also a spinoff of the popular Ghost Adventures series.

Following the Supernatural Idea

The show is the host is the beloved front man from Ghost Adventures. His cherished dream to create a museum for his collection of haunted cursed objects has come true, ultimately. He opens it in Las Vegas and creates a special project to show it to TV watchers.
Each episode in this series is devoted to three objects with each of them having its certain origin and a long history. As a kind of bonus, Bagans serves as a person who saves the past owners from the curse of these objects.

What are Rating Numbers?

Considering a considerable portion of skepticism that surrounds such a topic for depiction, the series ratings turn to be at least sufficient in order to speak further about the show continuation. So what are they?
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The score on IMDb is a little bit more than simply average – 6.2 points out of 10 – and this can’t but please. As for the viewership, it comprises 0.6 million people – and this is also great for such kind of a TV show.
As figures demonstrate, the renewal prospects are high and that’s why we can expect the release of other several installments with much certainty.

Going Into Some Interesting Particulars and Suppositions about the Future

The premiere episode gets us submerged into the world of cursed objects at once offering a portrayal of the most haunted object – The Dibbuk Box specifically.
Another episode showed us what the origin of Robert the Doll is. It is the dubbed version of the world’s most haunted doll that has destroyed lives.
As you see, the series can tackle the interest of the audience but only if people are interested in this subject putting faith into the spiritual world. In such a way, we can explain the average ratings. This is not bad indeed and thus, we can wait for the resumption which is yet to be confirmed.
The Deadly Possessions season 2 release date is not near in coming, there is no doubting yet we should keep our ears out for any kind of news. Follow us and you won’t miss the next premiere of the project if it takes place.


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