Cursed: The Bell Witch Season 2

Will John Ceallach be able to reverse the curse of his family before this misfortune gets to his only child? The reply to this question you can get only viewing the docu-series under the title “Cursed: The Bell Witch”. The project is a newcomer on A&E with the second cycle being yet to be confirmed.

Brief review

This one addition to the programming list of the A&E network accessible for watching in the USA is reckoned to be a mystery reality drama where the most famous curse in the country comes to be the main issues for solving.
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The documentary is by Sirens Media production. The observations there are led by such executives as Rebecca Toth Diefenbach and Lucilla D’Agostino.
By the genre, it is also a horror. Thus, the target audience comprises only adult people with strong nerves without allowing children penetrate into the storyline in order to keep them safe.
The first release of the pioneer chapter was held on the aforementioned channel in October 2015. It consists of six episodes with the duration of each one being half an hour.

General info about the concept

The real life TV show is set to deliver to us the story of the most oldest and famous curse in the USA that dates back to the 19th century. The central character here is John Ceallach, the member of the cursed Bell family.
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He is determined to make his best in order to prevent his only one son from obtaining this curse. So can he reverse the deadly misfortune? This is a question that is clarified while the course of events in the series.
In the first episode, John finds himself in Adams in Tennessee where he meets Chad Higginbotham. Together, they fling themselves into investigation starting exploring the very place where the Bell Witch Curse was born.

Is the response good enough?

The audience response towards this show can be reckoned as more positive than negative. Taking into account that the story is not for a broad auditory, the series ratings are evaluated as more than average. Thus, a good chance appears when it comes down to creating following chapters. However, where do things stands in terms of the resumption? Has it been announced already? Let’s revise these questions.
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When can we expect the release of another chapter?

The story continuation of the story has not been declared so far, according to the latest updates. And here, some sort of doubts emerge in our minds regarding the very possibility of the second chapter as the first one has a closure if we may call it in such a way. It is possible that the developers will take another story as a firm ground for the second cycle of episodes or develop this one. The first variant is much more probable but this only a guesswork. We should not embark on it.
In any case, there is s sense in waiting for official developments of events. In order to get to know the Cursed: The Bell Witch season 2 release date, follow our service and you will get notified timely about any changes in the situation with the project.


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