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The docuseries according to the TV format, Cooked is a joint venture of various filmmakers who have deserved their reputation having won different prestigious awards. What are their names? They are Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, best-selling writer Michael Pollan who serves as a host of the program, and other cinematographers. The freshman season release date is February 16, 2016, at the Berlinale Film Festival, and February 19, 2016, on Netflix.
The first season premiere included four episode. Thus, it is a miniseries about the history of food through the ages and in the modern day.
Cooked Season 2 Poster
Returning to the issue of producers, the company behind the fabrication is called Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions collaborating also with the Netflix online channel. The cast of executives includes the following ones apart from Pollan and Gibney:

  • Stacey Offman,
  • Caroline Suh,
  • Lisa Nishimura,
  • Adam Del Deo.

Issues Raised in the Docuseries

It is an insightful show about food where the supposition is made that cooking might help modern people regain balance in their lives.
In each new episode, the host of the show sets off on a trip to a special corner of the globe in order to feel the saliva in his mouth and stomach when a hero of the show cooks something really incredible. It can be a member of an Australian Aboriginal tribe or just an American nun.
Cooked Season 2 Spoiler
Do you believe that home-cooked food is intrinsically better? Can we re-obtain the balance in our souls by means of penetrating into the vast world of delicious tastes? What do you think of this? Share your points with us in the comments!

A Portion of Criticism

The series has been proclaimed as an insightful project with an original and inspiring idea. Yet this has induced the appearance of some critical points. The series is bashed for the little space. Too much material have been crammed into four parts of the first season premiere. The most pivotal things have been also shown without getting to the very deep points that should be in the narration, according to the opinions of critics.
Nevertheless, everything seems to be pretty charming. The project needs its further renewals yet the extension of the volume won’t do any harm. The agenda is when the next season air date will be announced.
So far, no statements concerning the series future have been made. It can be very much near, as well as the exposal of the Cooked season 2 release date. Stay tuned for updates!


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