Cesar 911 Season 4

Are you tired of your dog’s strange and annoying behavior? Do you consider is dangerous for you and your children? If yes, it is time for you to consult the host of the project under the title “Cesar 911”.

Why not describe the project as a whole?

Following this TV product, we cannot but note first of all that it is not for amusement only. Here you are to deal with a variety of techniques that can help in winning control under your pet. So if you have a pet, watching this show is nothing but an obligatory task for you.
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As a general project summary, we should mention the following. The series has its creative team represented by executives David Leepson, Janet Han Vissering, Cesar Millan, and Jordan Roberts. The generation of ideas for the show is a matter of concern for employees of the trio – Leepson Bounds Entertainment, Cesar’s Way, and ITV Studios America.
The National Geographic channel resolves the broadcasting challenges. The series’ first appearing is dated back to 2014. Now the followers are in possession of three seasons with the fourth one being yet to be confirmed.

How to tame a dangerous dog?

Is your dog is not under your control anymore? Are you and your dear people suffering from an outrageous and aggressive behavior of your pet? If it is your case, it is time to address to the consultant named Cesar Millan who knows his onions when referring to animals, specifically to dogs. His specialization is behavior correction. You won’t get any trouble with your pet if you consult him. You can become sure in this after following this project. And maybe you will become the next participant of the show, who knows.
In addition to training his client’s dog, he teaches an owner the effective ways that lead to any pet calming down and becoming happy.
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Series popularity and ratings

We cannot say a word about the future resumption before defining the ratings of the show, at least in general. However, in this case, we are lucky enough, as info about the viewership is the ownership of the public. The series current level of ratings can be counted as an average one, with the latest third season garnering a little less than 0.5 million viewers. The scoring on IMDb is, on the contrary, is a blinding one – 8.2 out of 10. Such a controversial state of things lead us only to starting a guesswork, doesn’t it?

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In fact, the chance of the renewal is a great one if to speak about it. The personality of Cesar Millan is known for those who keep their fingers on the pulse of the updates in the programming list of Nat Geo Wild. On the channel, within 2004 – 2012 time boundaries, a variety of shows with him participating in them was brought to a daylight.
The size of his audience is thus respectable. However, the question is a renewal of this given show. There has not been any announcement yet but it can appear at any moment. Herewith we should be on the alert if any emerges. We will monitor the state of things for you. You need just to subscribe and receive news on your email.


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