Cash Trapped Season 2

Cash Trapped is a new competition show on British television, on the ITV channel, specifically. The freshman season release date is August 1, 2016. Ten parts of the first season premiere have been already launched.
Bradley Walsh known to us from The Chase is the host of the show and also a leader of the behind-the-scene cast. Meanwhile, Possessed is behind the fabrication.

Is It Just a Quiz?

Cash Trapped Season 2 Cast
The show is quiz game divided into four parts with each one having their own separate rules. Six cast members are involved in this intricate game.
The goal of the competition is obvious – to make your opponents go out of the game and obtain your victory and the cash prize. It can lead us to consider the show a usual traditional one yet there is one thing is uncommon. The case is that there are no eliminations on the show until the game is through.
The series is a refreshing show where the innovative approach saves the day. The classic story has obtained a new wrapping and this seems to be good for ratings, does not it?
The cash prize has no limits and this creates the additional tension in the atmosphere while the game is being arranged. Additionally, the relationships between the contestants serve as the object of interest.

Viewers’ Feedback

Cash Trapped Season 2 Spoiler
The greatness of the idea is only one side of the medal. Being overwhelmingly knotty for both ordinary watchers and critics, the TV show has been criticized and noted for the decline in rating figures throughout the course of the first run with each new episode appearing on screens. The pioneer episode garnered 2.2 million viewers while the subsequent parts – lower than 1.6 million.

As for the Future of the TV Series

The dynamics of ratings is not so inspiring. Excessively complicated rules in the game have not served as advantages of the story as it could have been expected. When will the future be confirmed? What variant is more probable – renewal or cancellation? Is the next season air date destined to be revealed? How do you think?
In both cases, we should wait for the official data that can appear on the channel. The Cash Trapped season 2 release date cannot be near in coming if the next launch is scheduled for the next year. Keep your ears out for any info now!


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