Cake Wars: Christmas Season 3

Today the audience comes across a lot of cooking programs on TV, but not all of them tell and show interesting recipes for desserts. This format is typical for the American show Cake Wars: Christmas, which is a temporary spin-off project of Cake Wars. The updated program has been broadcasted on Food Network channel since November 12, 2016, and by this moment 2 seasons of the series have been presented. There is still no certain news regarding the next season release date, but the loves of tasty cooking believe, that the project will return with new episode when all the authors come to the same conclusion.

Creators and Developers

The director of the renewed Cake Wars is Michael Shea known by a few other famous programs. The host of the series is Jonathan Bennett, a young American actor and a participant of fashion shows.
Cake Wars: Christmas Season 3 Poster
The crew of executive producers consists of the following professional filmmakers:

  • Chris Losnegard;
  • Cara Tapper;
  • Ruth Amsel;
  • Joanna Vernetti;
  • Adam Cohen.

The latest season two which is unlikely to be the last one includes 6 episodes. The running time of each episode is about one-hour, which is more than enough for the cast of the series to demonstrate their culinary skills.
The channel broadcasting all the coming episodes and responsible for the following season air date is Food Network.

Plot Review

Cake Wars: Christmas Cast
The project like Cake Wars: Christmas is a real holiday, which comes to both children’s and adults’ houses. Cheerful atmosphere that prevails on the show is permeated with the spirit of an upcoming fun.
The essence of the program is a competition between seven teams in the art of making luxury desserts, including cakes, cookies and other delicious pastries. The authors of these masterpieces create truly unique culinary things that can decorate any table. The Christmas show has a special peculiarity: the sum of the main prize is increased in 5 times and amounts to as much as $ 50,000, which, of course, can not fail to please the winners.

Possible Continuation

The latest season premiere was watched by an impressive number of viewers – 0.836 million; on IMDB its rating is 6.1/10, but that doesn’t mean that the program is not popular. The schedule of the future season three hasn’t been presented yet, so stay tuned to follow all the useful data regarding the coming season start.


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