Brother vs. Brother Season 5

House renovation project, Brother vs. Brother is a reality show where the twins named Jonathan and Drew Scott fight with each other for the cash prize of $50,000 mentoring the team of experts.
The first season release date is July 21, 2013. The broadcast was always held on the HGTV channel. The latest season premiere is dated back to June 1, 2016. Can we expect the revealing of the Brother vs. Brother season 5 release date? We will turn to this question a bit later.
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Apart from the twin brothers, the cast of the show is composed of:

  • Hilary Farr,
  • David Visentin,
  • J.D. Scott and some others.

What is the TV show about?

We know the above-mentioned characters from their hosting on such successful hit shows as Buying & Selling and Property Brothers. Thus, they have a solid fan base with millions of followers.
What are they so beloved for? Specifically, for their ability to turn the fixer uppers beaten up into real masterpieces that will serve as excellent properties for twins’ clients.
On this show, they compete with each other leading separately their own teams of renovation experts who are brilliant in their fields of activity. Usually, they go head to head and this creates certain suspense that cannot but tackle the audience interest.
Each episode, one competitor turns to be eliminated while the last one standing on the show wins the main prize, finally. They all are limited with time, budget, and the same conditions in which the property is when only entering the show.
Brother vs. Brother Season 5 Cast

Some Specifics on the Latest Season

Season 4 has gladdened us with competition held in Las Vegas this year. The local communities have received their profit when allowing the guys to buy, renovate, and flip properties for the living. Each of the team is eager to obtain victory, as usual.

Ratings and Opinions

Totally, the series has garnered 13 million watchers during the release of the latest chapter. It is an amazing result that should be taken into account when defining the fate of the project. The viewership per episode equals 2.2 million viewers. The season included 14 episodes. As you see, the project satisfy all expectations of the audience, according to the majority of reviews, and is worth its further production.

Good Potential of Renewal for Season 2

The series has a solid potential, thus. How are things going on with renewals? When will we enjoy a new episode of the fifth installment? When will the fifth season air date be announced finally? So far, there are no announcements on the official resources related to all these questions.
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