Bring It! Season 4

The persistent perfection is the goal of the head of the dancing troupe “Dancing Dolls”. For three seasons now, we have been following the members of this group working hard at the rehearsals under the guide of Miss D. And now we are challenged to wait for another run that can appear only in the next year due to this year debut of the third circle.

Some general aspects of the show

Practically every dancing show comes to be highly appraised by the audience. The advanced level of popularity can be referred also to the one titled as “Bring It!”.
Bring It! Season 4 Poster
Aired on Lifetime, the series is generated by Pilgrim Studios and exec produced by Mary Donahue and Derek Wan. The first appearance of the project was slated for the start of spring 2014. The latest premiere was held in January 2016. Now we are in possession of three full installments.

What is the core of the project?

The question is how hard the members of the dancing troupe should work in order to make the head of it become pleased with their effort applied during rehearsals. Miss D leading this dancing project is taking the part of a strict trainer here. Her task is not lying in pampering the girls. The status of champions should be deserved by them. Consequently, she has to be tough with them.
The real life story is much packed with drama as well competitiveness. What is perceived as one of the most exciting things is the very charisma of Miss D. She seems to tend to get down and dirty in order to make champions from her girls.
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Moreover, each season is intensified in terms of the growing drama. Girls’ eyes are full of tears but it does not the reason for them to give up in their desire to become the best ones.

Audience response and chances of renewal

Judging is the most severe challenge in the show for girls. From chapter to chapter, it seems like impossible to find favor in the eyes of the strictest judges. So competition is gaining traction and particularly this attracts watchers most of all.
In the new third season, several new dancers appeared in front of us. A new promising dancer named Faith comes with ‘baggage’ – her charismatic and famous mother. But can it help her in this situation? Are the newcomers able to catch up with those more experienced girls? In order to get to know this, let’s follow the series developments.
The latest season is peculiar for very promising ratings that are kept on a steady level with some slight fluctuating shifts between 2 and 1.5 million people per episode.
Bring It! Season 4 Cast

What is about the renewal?

As the series latest installment appeared in this past January, there were no hopes that the resumption confirmation could be obtained in the near future. As for now, the situation has not been cleared up yet with the Bring It! Season 4 release date being surely undefined. Though it is too early for such things, let’s monitor the situation in case of any changes. So be in the swim together with us.

Update: Bring It! Season 4

Isn’t it great when a project long thought dead suddenly gets a renewal? And not just, its release date comes out almost immediately. One thing is certain. That is one of the best news a fan can hear.
This time, we bring you news about Bring It!’s revival. We’ve got two weeks and a few days before we can see the new episode. Then, the show will be on air. The release date of season 4 falls on January 17, 2017.
Although such a timeframe isn’t exactly big, changes are still a possibility. Besides, other news concerning the project can yet come up. If you subscribe, we will be able to keep you updated, and you will never miss anything important about this show.


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