Big Crazy Family Adventure Season 2

Travel Channel is a speaking title that makes us expect the variety of shows about world travels. One of them is new enough with the first season release in the last June. Though being rather impressive, the resumption of the project has not been announced. Nevertheless, keep abreast of the situation as the resumption is felt to be around the corner.

Brief review

Travel and adventure – these two things are referred to the series under the title “Big Crazy Family Adventure”. Surely, it is set to be narrative of the social unit which members are brave enough to embark on the trip to the wilderness of nature.
Big Crazy Family Adventure Season 2 Poster
The series production hinges directly on WDE and Generate Entertainment with the team of executives composed of Wes Dening, Assaf Blecher, and Dale Roy Robinson.
The broadcast is held by Travel Channel. The first and so far the latest debut on it was set amidst previous June. The current amount of episodes equals nine. Moreover, before the principal premiere Scripps Networks Interactive brand made it possible to view the series. It was accessible on demand on the online resource.

Revising the concept

Bruce Kirkby is here the spearhead and the head of the traveling family. He is an award-winning photographer, as well as a brilliant writer. This makes us believe that we are dealing with the project where charismatic characters are the integral parts.
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The show was perceived as a mesmerizing one with the variety of exciting events happening to the main characters during narration. The Kirby family made their best in order to make the project of such a successful type. So, the wilderness guide named Bruce is leading his family consisting of  his loving spouse Christine Pitkanen, as well of their two young sons named Bodi and Taj being 7 and 3 years old correspondingly on a long journey that is set to include 96 days, 13 thousand miles and NO airplanes.

Renewal predictions and ratings

We are not lucky today to inform you that the series second chapter can take place in the near future due to the absence of official confirmation. The project is, thus, on the bubble being next door to cancellation. Nevertheless, hanging down our heads is not the way out for us, as it is not only possible but also probable that the confirmation will be announced sometime in the future even in this autumn.
Big Crazy Family Adventure Season 2 Cast
Why do we think so? The reason lies on the surface. The thing is that the scorings garnered on various websites are high sufficiently. On IMDb, the rating comprises approximately 8 points out of 10. Isn’t it great? Moreover, it can be regarded as the main ground for continuing the story.
The developers, however, are not in a hurry to shoot new episodes much to our and your regret but let’s hope for the best, as the cancellation has not been defined as a final point for the project. That’s why let’s stay tuned together with our service, as here you can find all necessary info about your favorites.


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