Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2

The fate of the Below Deck Mediterranean series is known. The developers have decided to keep producing the show due to the high appraisal from the audience side. Well, let’s wait for the official news about the exact launch date.

Brief Review

The new addition to the genre of American reality show, Below Deck Mediterranean touches the lives of the members of the yacht crew. The series is considered to be a spinoff of the Below Deck, the original program broadcasted on Bravo also.
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Poster
This project is again by 51 Minds Entertainment production with such executives as Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, and Nadine Rajabi. The release of the freshman season is dated back to May 3, 2016.

Following Main Aspects of the Story

The reality story revolves around the working and personal issues of those who live and work aboard a luxury 150-foot mega-yacht during the charter season in Greece. Their vehicle is sailing around such lovely Greek islands as Santorini, Mykonos, and many others.
What is this crew composed of? They are captain Mark Howard, chef Ben Robinson, first mate Bryan Kattenburg, three stewardesses and three deckhands. They are all professionals in their spheres though they are funny enough in order to supply us with a good portion of humor during each broadcast.
Surely, the story cannot do without those romantic, as well as dramatic moments that keep the show afloat by means of maintaining the audience interest to the program on the same level, at least.
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Promo
Their clients are considered to be wealthy enough including also various celebrities. This signifies that the services should be on an excessively high level. The exclusive treatment is always needed and each guest requires the individual approach. Thus, there is no time for getting bored. The crew is experienced enough in order to offer their services in the best way.

Broadcast Results

On considering the rating figures of the freshman season, we may refer the program to those with average quality. Surely, it is created just for entertainment purposes; there is no doubting in this fact. This means that the show cannot be to everyone liking. Someone loves it while others hate. If you are a follower of such type of a show, it will be to your taste, certainly.
As for the exact figures, we should say that the highest peak of the show popularity is when the viewership has reached 1.3 million watchers during the broadcast of the final episode. This leads the developers to think about the show continuation.
To make a long story short, we are set to note that despite the average ratings, the series is a worthy one.
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Cast

Catching up With the News

The unique story has turned to be dear to the audience taste and this can induce the only one decision – the resumption, in particular.
As for now, the second installment is already a confirmed thing, so, we should not worry about that anymore.
The Below Deck Mediterranean season 2 release date is not exposed yet. We should arm ourselves with patience and wait for the official news.


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