Bar Rescue Season 6

It follows Jon Taffer – the main one in the cast and the host of the project. He’s an experienced consultant specializing on foods and beverage’s industry. He can be often met at nightclubs, bars and pubs, offering his expert view on the renovations and choosing new equipment. He’s the one capable to revive places desperately going down the drain because of the lack of clients. Initially the project was broadcast on 5*, but from the 8th of January 2014 the show was pushed to Spike Channel.


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The star of Bar Rescue is Jon Taffer. He’s an experienced owner of a consulting firm dealing with development of bars, pubs and nightclubs. It’s quite a well-known firm Taffer Dynamics, Inc. He started numerous successful projects and now he’s using his knowledge and experience in order to rescue bars and pubs together with his team of experts.


A usual episode starts with a first acquaintance to a struggling bar suffering from different weaknesses: operational and professional ones. Team members together with the locals enter the place to order food and drinks and evaluate the quality of food and service. They express their opinion and share their impressions. This process is usually filmed with hidden cameras. At this time, Taffer, accompanied by his team companions, looks around the kitchen evaluating the quality of service provided.
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Later, he gets introduced to the staff and the owners of the place and shares the impressions of what he sees negotiating on the possible alterations in the future. He changes the way the management works, the way the customer service is provided. He also checks if everything’s clean and comfortable. All of these things are supposed to change the place into a source of stable financial profit.
Next thing that Taffer deals with is a pricing policy and studies financial records. Usually these alterations help to get even more financial profit.
What makes the show a dramatic reality is Taffer’s behavior. He’s a brusque, straightforward man with confrontational attitude ready to get the goal he’s planning to get. His bold behavior helps to produce critical changes to the bars and pubs. What makes the show even more dramatic is firing of dishonest employees if it’s really necessary.

Three Steps

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  • Step one. After first instructions given at the first acquaintance, Taffer provokes a stress situation inviting a huge number of patrons and other visitors to make the staff show off new skills. Taffer knows everything about market research, techs and appliances, cooking tools… The most important thing is that he knows the way partner companies work. After that, these stress test results are discussed with the staff. Taffer changes the concept of the place together with a team of experts.
  • Few days are devoted to changing the concept and the atmosphere of the bar. Everything is changed starting from new recipes of dishes to the name of the place itself. Then the bar is packed again with the grand reopening.
  • In the end, all successes and failures are discussed mixed with owners and staff’s interviews.

Bar Rescue Season 6 Release Date

Sixth season release date is unknown yet. The producers are yet to decide whether to renew the project or not. Stay tuned not to miss the new episode of Bar Rescue and the upcoming 6th season premiere.


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