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The two debuts can be considered as successful thanks to the controversial buzz that surrounds the series now. The chances of the third cycle are high indeed and we have, thus, all reasons to wait for the following fresh episodes that are supposed to be launched next year. Stay tuned for updates!

Briefly as for the Show

The series blends the genre of a documentary and a reality show where the relatives assist in arranging the marriages of couples. Originally, the series was launched on the FYI channel in April 2015. The second opening is dated back to May 2016. We keep our eyes on the ball, as info regarding the third installment has not got through yet. The opinions as for the worthiness of the project are mixed thanks to the controversial theme.
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Following the Concept

The idea of the project is that many cultures suppose that parents who chose a partner for a young girl or a boy should arrange the marriages. By lapse of time, these cultural boundaries have become faded. Yet there are still some families in the world that follow the traditions peculiar to their culture.
Three couples that are going to get married soon are at the center of narration. It is parents and other extended members of both families who have ensured them to follow this important step in their lives. They arrange their personal relationships, as well as the wedding.
The pairs differ in cultural and religious aspects. One pair is from New York City hailing from Jewish families; meanwhile the second and the third one are from Texas and California, correspondingly.
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Mixed Reviews and Chances of the Future

Due to the subject matter, the series has been granted with controversial opinions and much buzz induced. There is much skepticism in the minds of the followers of the modern point-of-view that such marriage can be of much use and that they can really work. How about love between partners? The modern democracy implies that we are in the right to choose the second half on our own.
The series has not become the audience favorite; yet with much drama, it has turned to be an object for discussion, thus. Staying in separate rooms while arranging the marriage, people have nothing to do but to make peace. The goal of the project has been achieved, as we consider. The IMDb score equals perfect 7.9 points, with the series tackling the interest of the viewers of FYI.
How have you accepted the available two seasons? Are they dear to your taste or not? Leave comments below sharing your considerations with us!
The project has great chances of the being revived at least for the following couple of seasons. The resumption has not been confirmed yet due to the second installment being recently launched. We should keep our nose to the wind in order to catch the info about the revival and the Arranged season 3 release date. Follow us and you will be notified as soon as they are announced.


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