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Antiques Roadshow is PBS project. The series centers the viewers’ attention on the owners of antique stuff. The antiquities are collected together in order to be evaluated by experts. The project was inspired by the original British one with the same title. British season premiere was in 1979 while the American project appeared with its new episode released in 1997. From 2005, a number of spin-offs appeared all together with a special half hour program about the fate of all those antiquities found while filming the project.


Every episode starts with the narrator’s introductory speech. He’s one of the main people in the cast being the host of the show in general. At present moment the show is hosted by Mark L. Walberg. Then, the location of the episode is announced. In 3-4 minutes, the owners of different antique items describe their belongings. They plunge into history of every object they present.
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The show is quite specific, but captivating. The visitors’ objects bring interesting stories creating fabulous experience about all those charming locations visited by the crew. The viewers get captured and this fact proves Antique Roadshow to be a truly successful project.
The participants get categorized according to specific appraisers. Every episode ends up in a series of short presentations of people describing their experience of participation in the project.


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WGBH-TV were the first ones who decided to adapt the British version of the program. It’s been airing in the UK since 1979. American broadcasts by PBS started in 1997. The cast members of the American project were changing for several times. They were Chris Jussel, Dan Elias, Lara Spencer and Mark L. Walberg (the one hosting the show at present). Antique Roadshow is executively produced by Marsha Bemko. Notable appraisers evaluate antique furniture, retro posters, old toys, charming old-fashioned pottery, glass, military equipment of the past and objects of folk art. Auctions are held after that.

21st Season Release Date

21st season air date of Antique Roadshow is unknown yet. However, the show is so popular, that it’s almost impossible to get cancelled. If you want to know for sure when the future episodes will be released, get subscribed and follow the latest news with us!


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