Adventure Capitalists Season 2

CNBC chose the close of summer 2016 as a launch window for a new investment show Adventure Capitalists. The freshman season release date is August 22, 2016, on the home channel.
Hailing from 3 Ball Entertainment, the reality series is set to show such cast members as Craig Cooper, Dhani Jones, and Jeremy Bloom. They search for worthy projects and support them by means of investing.
Adventure Capitalists Season 2 Poster
The series could not have been brought to airing without such personalities as:

  • Todd A. Nelson,
  • Grady Candier,
  • Ross Weintraub,
  • Jim Ackerman
  • DJ Nurre,
  • Marshall Eisen.

Concept of the New Investment Show

The hosts of the show are good at pitching the most promising products for their following investments. Many things appear in front of them for testing. As for instance, an underwater jetpack, windproof tents, a smart helmet system, a propeller for paddleboards, and many other things that are designed in the curious yet great way. Yet not all of them are of much use and can be taken as a prosperous undertaking. The series takes place in various setting from mountain landscapes to ocean coasts.

Pioneer Ratings

The steady level has been maintained throughout the course of the first run. This cannot but please the developers and inspire them to create at least one more cycle. To be more exact, the series audiences constituted 0.2 million people per each new episode. It is not a superb result yet decent enough.
Adventure Capitalists Season 2 Spoiler

The idea of the show is inspiring indeed, as many people should have their opportunity to push their concepts forward. This program can be easily watched even by people who are not much enthusiastic about investment shows, as, in any case, it is amusing and entertaining. How have you accepted this project? Is it sufficiently realistic or not? What can you add? Share your comments below the post!

Will the New Season Air Date be Exposed Ever?

Now the loyal followers of this show have nothing to do but follow the first installment and wait when the next season premiere is confirmed. Surely, it can be scheduled for the next year now only. No word has been uttered as for the revival for the sophomore chapter as well concerning the Adventure Capitalists season 2 release date. The chances of the renewal are high. Let’s just keep waiting for the news!


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