A League of Their Own Season 11

Tired of looking for some fresh facts on the upcoming seasons of A League of Their Own? Lost in millions of links leading to nowhere? We’re constantly searching for new updates about the possible and officially approved future broadcasts. Check this out if you’re looking forward to the 11th season of A League of Their Own series!

General Overview

A League of Their Own is a sport game entertainment TV project created in Great Britain. The official production is by CPL Productions. Sky 1 is broadcasting the show at the moment. The first episode showed up on the 11th of March 2010. The creator is Paul Brassey. The executive producers are Danielle Lux, Barbara Lee, Jim Pullin and Murray Boland.
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Format and Crew Details

A League of Their Own is a comedy sports show. It is a classic game quiz with two teams (three persons each) participating in it. These teams of blue and red pass through three rounds to get the most points possible. There are three rounds in the competition:

  1. The first one ranks the three persons of each teams in accordance with certain criteria.
  2. The second one is called “Guest List”. The teams guess the answers received by sportspersons.
  3. The third one is called “Human Clock”. One person from the team has to pass through some physical challenge. The other two member should give answers to the questions until the third one gets physically exhausted.

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The crew:

  • Andrew Flintoff
  • Jamie Redknapp
  • John Bishop
  • Georgie Thompson
  • Jack Whitehall

Facts and More

A League of Their Own Season 11 Cast

  • There are also Australian and Danish shows copying the same format.
  • The creators of the projects say that they don’t think about closing A Game of Their Own at all. The show’s gonna be running and running for as long as it has views and public interest.

Release Date

On the 23rd of April it was officially announced that Sky 1 signed a contract for three years more. It means that we’re going to watch the continuation of the project in 2017. The exact release date of season 11 is yet to be scheduled.


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