10 Things Season 2

It is a new comedy show on the truTV channel. From R83 Productions and Gaspin Media, the TV show can boast only the pioneer opening with the freshman season release date considered January 5, 2016. Ten episodes were launched then. The feeling is such that we are about to meet the second season premiere yeе what is the series future? Has it been determined? Hold on, we are set to discuss this here!
Among the members of the cast, there are the following ones:

  • Jamie Lee,
  • Claudia Zielke,
  • John Davis Walker,
  • Elyssa Phillips,
  • Robert Felsted Jr.

10 Things Season 2 Cast

American Comedy Show

Jamie Lee serves as a host there being a famous comedian. Well, the format of the show is of the stand-up type. Yet this one differs from others on TV in one idea – the listicle, specifically. Moreover, the next level is taken with commentaries made on these lists of entertaining facts. The stream of funny jokes will not leave anyone unfazed, in any case. The cutting-edge visuals add to the charming effect produced by the show.

Level of Popularity and Renewal Possibility

The idea of listicle is rather popular on the web. We follow the lists practically in all posts and articles. This method of conveying information in a capturing way is not a rare case on the Internet yet on television it is a fresh one.
10 Things Season 2 Spoiler
The series has not been received with flying flowers. On IMDb, the score equals only 4.8 out of 10, as of today. Nevertheless, the charm of the host has impressed even critics who have appraised the show highly. Even this point makes us believe in the series bright future. And do you believe in the chances of renewal for this project? Is it dear to your taste or not? What do you think of it in general? Share your opinions with us by means of commenting below the post!
Currently, nothing has been said as for the future of this project, much to the regret of the loyal followers of the series. Time will show yet the perspectives are good indeed and we may hope for the continuation. When can the new season air date be exposed? The 10 Things season 2 release date can become known very soon in the case of the favorable verdict, as the first new episode can be scheduled already for the start of the upcoming year. Stay tuned for data as they can be nearer than we may suppose!


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